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LASERdur ZN coating


TRUMPF Bending Tools: New LASERdur ZN coating

Making bending galvanized sheet metal possible

TRUMPF Bending Tools: New LASERdur ZN coating
TRUMPF Bending Tools: New LASERdur ZN coating

When processing galvanized sheet metal, zinc can build up on the lower die even after just a few bends. This can lead to the phenomenon known as galling, and that results in unwanted imprints on the workpiece and bending inaccuracies. This can be avoided with the LASERdur ZN coated bending tools. The high quality coating combines great surface hardness with outstanding slip qualities. These are gentle on the workpiece surfaces and guarantee maximum bending accuracy. Over and above this, the coated tools are corrosion-resistant. No cleaning is required.

Hardening of Bending Tools

With the unique LASERdur hardening process, TRUMPF bending tools offer a series of advantages: After hardening the tooling with a laser beam, the achieved hardness is in the HRC 60-62 range contributing to an extremely low-wear. The local introduction of heat means that hardening only takes place where it’s really needed – increasing the operation reliability of your press brake.

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