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KraussMaffei is one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines and systems for producing and processing plastics.
Case Study

KraussMaffei injection moulding machines help wheelie bin manufacturer expand operations


Did you know that the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates 10.85 million households in Australia (June 2022), indicating a total of over 21.7 million rubbish bins nationwide, assuming an average of at least 2 bins per household? In comparison, New Zealand had an estimated 1.93 million households during the same period, suggesting approximately 3.86 million rubbish bins.  

Weber GmbH & Co. KG, a leading manufacturer of rubbish bins and containers, recently invested in new moulds and expanded production capacity by acquiring two massive plastic injection moulding machines from KraussMaffei – an MXH 4500 and an MXH 5500, boosting a record-breaking 5,500 metric ton clamping force. Working closely with Weber’s engineering team, KraussMaffei delivered an innovative solution optimised for precision at high volumes. Key design details included an enhanced solid machine bed and platens, widened sliding shoes, and specialised tie bar guidance to ensure the safe, reliable handling of gigantic moulds. The primary challenge faced by Weber was the manufacturing of large-volume disposable rubbish containers, ranging from 660 to 1,100 litres, using sizable moulds. The unique design dimensions and extended flow distances necessitated injection moulding machines with exceptionally high clamping forces.  

About Weber: Company Overview Founded in 1969, Weber GmbH & Co. KG is a German company specialising in the production of wheelie bins and rubbish bin containers factory with a wide range of sizes and designs. Weber serves customers globally in the logistics and packaging industries. In the years to follow, the range of products has been constantly expanded with wheelie bin sizes from 10 up to 1100 litre capacity. 

Weber overcomes long flow distance challenge in large rubbish bin moulds 

The Technology Solution: To meet Weber’s requirements, KraussMaffei provided a custom injection moulding solution: 

  • High-Performance Screw (HPS) barrier screw for high melt quality and consistent shot weight up to 33,000 g 
  • 2,500 x 2,500 mm large platens to accommodate moulds weighing up to 150 tons. 
  • Hydraulic adaptive mould clamping system capable of producing the required clamping force. 
  • Parallel injection layout for optimal melt and pressure distribution.

Weber benefited from a custom solution that offered a compact, hydro-mechanical two-platen clamping unit for the necessary clamping force. The HPS screw ensured high melt quality and a constant shot weight, which was crucial for large parts. The parallel injection layout allowed for optimal melt and pressure distribution across the large moulds. Additionally, the system was capable of handling mould weight up to 150 tons. 

The result is an injection moulding machine customised to produce Weber’s containers and rubbish bins with maximum efficiency and consistency. This targeted solution equips Weber to meet demands for sustainable waste management products. 

KraussMaffei’s custom solutions propelled Weber to new heights in wheelie bin manufacturing 

These machines provided the increased mould locking force (up to 4,500 and 5,500 tons) necessary for Weber to meet the growing market demand for large-volume waste bins from 660 to 1,100 litres. The customisable KraussMaffei systems also enable more flexible manufacturing with heavier moulds weighing up to 150 tons. 

Powered by parallel hydraulic injection with two SP75000 units, the MXH 5500 achieves consistent, high-quality melt distribution and shot weight up to 33,000 grams into Weber’s extra-large HDPE disposal container moulds. Adaptive clamping technology also provides optimal pressure control through the production sequence. 

With these advanced new KraussMaffei systems boosting capacity, flexibility, and engineering passion, Weber conquers new heights in size and efficiency for waste container manufacturing. The MXH 5500 stands as a modern giant among injection machines, ready to transform possibilities in large-scale polymer moulding applications. 

Are you in the wheelie bin manufacturing industry or need high clamping capabilities? 

Our experienced injection moulding technology experts can help you find the right solution for your plastic manufacturing needs. Contact our team about our injection moulding technology and discuss how we can assist your company.  


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