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JFY’s EFCII is an affordable high performance laser cutting machine for sheet metal


JFY EFCII lasers are mid-price, high-performance 2D laser cutting machines with TruFiber cutting productivity at a low investment costThis versatile machine has found its way into numerous industries, from sheet metal cutting to catering equipment manufacturing. The usefulness extends to construction, transport, agriculture, and even HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) production, electrical switchboard production and more. The programming software allows maximum machine utilisation and guarantees high cutting quality by pre-installing cutting parameters for the professional manufacturing process. Optimised price-performance ratio with a professional manufacturing process. Additionally, the system is designed with a high European CE safety standard. Headland Technology offers service support with professionally trained local service engineers to provide rapid responses for customers.

Improve material utilisation with Beckhoff CNC control

The CNC control system, built on Windows platform, is a reliable and high-performing solution for your manufacturing needs. By incorporating offline programming software, you can improve both material utilisation and process efficiency. This software optimises the nesting process, reducing material waste and simplifying programming by converting part drawings into processing programs which results in faster production times. The Lantek offline programming software, based on the latest technology, is a proven solution that can take your production times to new heights.

Achieve higher cutting precision with TRUMPF TruFiber 3 kW laser source

The durable Precitec LM Auto Focus cutting head is designed with built-in protective glasses, ensuring reliable and optimised cutting quality. These protective glasses safeguard the optics from potential debris or damage that may come from the process zone. Overall, this results in significantly higher durability of the cutting head, as well as higher cutting precision. TruFiber is the ultimate fiber laser solution for all your cutting needs. In fact, it delivers excellent process stability and consistent process results. Furthermore, the technology requires minimum maintenance. JFY is a wholly owned TRUMPF Germany subsidiary, and this laser is equipped with the Trumpf TruFiber Laser source.

Specifications at a glance:

  • 3000mm x 1500mm sheet cutting size with shuttle table.
  • High-pressure air cutting.
  • Dust collector.
  • Power stabiliser.
  • Auto lubrication and many more…

Best of all, these machines come with on-site training and guaranteed Headland service backup.

Want a state-of-the-art last cutting machine at minimal investment?

If you want to invest in a dependable machine to automate your processes, then get in touch with Headland Technology today and see what we have to offer for immediate delivery.


JFY EFC Series Product Brochure

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