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Introducing Headland’s new Technology Specialist, Ash Tous

Introducing Headland’s new Technology Specialist, Ash Tous

Headland Welcome new Technology Specialist

With an extensive background in software, programming and technology, Ash joins Headland Machinery as Technology Specialist.

Ash’s Qualifications

Ash’s technology career started with a degree in Electro Technology Engineering in New Zealand, as well as a course in Business Administration in Iran. Furthermore he studied an MBA at RMIT and then a Masters of IT at Swinburne University in Melbourne. During his university years he also worked as a Technician for Telstra.

With a vast and varied background within the laser industry including his time spent working as a technician, he moved onto working as a Frequency Engineer for Optus and a subcontractor for Telstra. Over the years he has also completed training in Seattle and Michigan. His impressive background doesn’t end here, he also worked as Service Manager at Colourspec for 6 years, and during this time he published a novel in the US and directed an award winning movie (17 awards around the world!).

So, what can we expect from Ash at Headland?

Ash is looking forward to the challenges that come with his new role at Headland. As Technology Specialist he will specialise in Hanel software initially, before working across; TRUMPF TruTops, Fab software, Boost, and other machine software.

Ash will provide thorough Hanel training to Headland customers. With Most customers only using 10% of their machine capacity, Ash is here to give day long training. This will ensure that customers understand their Hanel to a higher degree, which will help minimise any potential machine downtime and provide greater efficiencies.

Ash will also assist Headland technicians to install machinery and help customers fully understand the software. With an extensive IT background he is positioned to support customers by teaching them how to integrate different programs with their Hanel, ensuring that their machines are used to their full potential.

As if his international portfolio of training and experience isn’t impressive enough, he is heading off to Bangkok next week to further his industry knowledge.

Welcome to the team, Ash!  

Connect with Ash on LinkedIn.