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International Women’s Day – Focus on Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow (part one)

International Women’s Day – Focus on Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow (part one)

Recently I caught up with Di Kloe, Founder of Headland on the topic of International Women’s Day, and what it means to her and Headland

This year international women’s day is on March 8, and it’s all about highlighting women that are leading the charge on climate change, adaption, migration, response to build a more sustainable future.

“This year we’ve been impacted by COVID, flooding, not so long ago bush fires, it’s all environmental causes and we need a clear course of action on how we are going to get to a low-carbon future.  I’ve seen some of our manufacturing clients set up solar panels on their factories to run production, they’ve also incorporated rain tanks, and looking to incorporate electric vehicles in the near future to transport their products.

“The environment is central to everything.   It’s been pleasing to see our OEMs and our clients are becoming increasingly being more aware and taking to steps to encourage a more sustainable environment”, says Di.

One of our suppliers, TRUMPF is leading the charge in terms of having achieved carbon neutral production world-wide in 2020.

Headed by CEO Nicola Leibinger-Kammuller, TRUMPF have a climate change program and have recently announced a plan to plant 30,000 trees by 2027 to offset unavoidable emissions.  TRUMPF also produce their own renewal energy to run production, from photovoltaic systems and green energy sources. Read more about what TRUMPF and their Climate Change program.


TRUMPF and Climate Change

Prince Carl-Eugen Oettingen-Wallerstein and TRUMPF CEO Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller jointly launch the forestry project.

“A lot of the environmental responsibility has been put back on industry, however, recent government initiatives such as  the implementation of offset promises, reducing stamp duty on electric vehicles, and the awarding of carbon credits for transformative projects are promising.   However, when are we going to have a government clearly defined action plan as to how they are going create a low-carbon future to secure industries and manufacturing for the future?  Greenhouse gas emissions are up 24% since 2005, a lot of changes need to be implemented to achieve net zero by 2050”, comments Di.

Read more about the blueprint for industrial emissions reduction.

Headland and Gender Equality

“In terms of Headland and gender equality, we’ve raised our family to believe they can do whatever they wish independent of their gender, thankfully our children both work in the various  businesses and head up businesses in their own right.  It’s never been about gender for our business, more about the role itself and who is best to do it well” says Di.

Shane Infanti, CEO of AMTIL comments, Brigitte Stavar, from Sheet Metal Australia is currently the president of AMTIL, “I’m all for female presidents, it’s important that we have a eight board members and only two females, which is probably reflective of the industry, while it’s important that we have adequate gender representation on the board, it’s more about the skillset rather than their gender, ” comments Shane.

Stay tuned for part two on prominent women in manufacturing and their climate change strategies. We look forward to sharing.