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Case Study

Increased Efficiencies See TSA Metals Through the Downturn

Increased Efficiencies See TSA Metals Through the Downturn

“New markets and increased efficiencies are seeing us through the downturn – We’re glad we bought the TRUMPF Fiber” – Steve Roche, Director, TSA Metals.

Samantha Kloe speaks with Steve Roche from TSA Metals in Ingleburn, New South Wales about their TRUMPF Fiber Laser. 

Started in 1995, TSA are known for manufacturing storage and office furniture. They originally sought out a new laser machine to replace an existing turret machine.

“The old turret was very slow, especially with one particular part process.

With the new laser, our processing time went from 89 hours down to 20 hours when machining the same part. Waste was also completely eliminated and our overall productivity has improved by 300 per cent.

“The decision to go Fiber was definitely the right one, it exactly suits our needs in terms of machining thin sheet metal, it has improved our production times and it has also opened up new markets for our business where we can now compete. We have recently started a new business, Laser, Punch & Form which has opened a whole new channel of opportunities.

“We, like most manufacturers have seen a big downturn of late, however purchasing the machine has actually decreased the effects of the downturn by over 10 per cent, simply due to the diversification and increased speed of production that is now offered to us.

“While it’s been hard during recent times, our customers continue to come back to us due to our innovative product designs and delivery times. We work on some large Government projects and you can’t be late on any delivery for large jobs like that. We thrive on that kind of pressure and enjoy delivering more than what’s expected of us.

TSA Metals' LiftMaster Compact at their Ingleburn Factory
TSA Metals’ LiftMaster Compact at their Ingleburn Factory

“We chose the TRUMPF Fiber Laser mainly due to their time in the market. Other competitors we were looking at are newer players in the industry, whereas TRUMPF had already had Fiber Lasers in production in Germany for over eight years by the time we bought ours.

About TSA Metals

TSA offer a wide range of storage, filing,  shelving, and desk systems from imported to locally made furniture.