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Case Study

Hygrade Laser Profiling Create Intricate Designs Using TRUMPF Technology

Hygrade Laser Profiling Create Intricate Designs Using TRUMPF Technology

Hygrade Laser Profiling have a reputation as being one of the best laser cutters in Sydney. With 25 years experience under their belt, Hygrade have made a name for themselves producing quality work for all their customers. Michael White is the director and owner and has seen significant changes to the company over two decades.

Michael and his team at Hygrade are determined to provide the very best quality laser cutting, robotic welding and metal bending services to their customers in New South Wales.

Although they don’t manufacture, Michael describes the business as “just a job shop,” where they simply construct specific parts for their customer.

“We don’t specialise in producing just one type of product, we are certainly flexible with what our customers require,” Michael says.

“At Hygrade we are determined to produce products that are precise and that are at a high standard,

“If they are not up to scratch, they don’t go out,” he says.

Servicing an extensive range of industries, that range from transport to architecture, Hygrade have been involved in a number of projects that have required them to accurately cut sheet metal into intricate shapes.

Recently, Michael and his team created thousands of metal leaves for a wall mural for an apartment complex in Sydney’s CBD.

Michael and his team at Hygrade, assisted Architectural Metal Consultancy & Fabrication with the job and have helped the architects create a work of art.

“No matter where you stand looking at the artwork, it is definitely a beautiful sight to see,” says Michael.

“Since we used our laser cutting techniques to manufacture every single one of those leaves, we knew that they would all be cut exactly the same resulting in uniform pieces,

“It is certainly amazing how they actually flutter in the wind, it was quite impressive of the architect…it is certainly architectural brilliance,” he says.

Investing in new technology plays a big role in keeping up with the competition and Michael believes that this is the reason he and his team can produce products of a high calibre.

“In order to produce products that our customers will be happy with, requires machinery that is well serviced and current,” he says.

“ TRUMPF technology has certainly provided us with a means to tackle intricate designs like the leaf project,

“Investing in new technology means we can continue to provide exceptional service to our customers and create unique pieces for them,” he says.


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