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How Vertical Storage Works


Some Hanel Vertical Storage system installations need to be seen to be believed.

By choosing to go vertical, our customers have been given the ability to save on precious floor space, as well as improve the way they handle their everyday inventory.

Hanel Vertical Storage Benefits

  • Increase floor space
  • Utilise vertical warehouse space (vertical air space=free)
  • Improve stock levels (accuracy and security)
  • Speed up picking times (fully automate)
  • Reduce the need for Fork-Lifts (great OH&S)

A Storage System Like No Other

Hanel is the only vertical storage system that truly delivers. Custom built in Germany to your requirements, Hanel storage systems are crafted with the highest quality materials ensuring stable, rigid and worry free operation. Day-in and day-out.

Service & Support

Hanel storage system are backed by Headland’s Australia wide service team. With over 30 service and support staff on-hand, Headland is the only company in Australia with such an extensive support group of dedicated service staff trained to reduce service risks and  unnecessary down-time.

Storage Showcase

Hanel storage systems can now be found in hundreds of warehouses around the world with some very innovative outcomes.


For more information about our storage system, see our Vertical Storage section of our website. If you’re in Victoria, you are welcome to come in and visit our head office to see how we utilise these amazing storage machines.