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How Vertical Storage Systems are helping the RV Industry

How Vertical Storage Systems are helping the RV Industry

How Vertical Storage Systems are helping the RV Industry

About the RV industry

Caravan industry is booming.

This comes as no surprise with all our lock downs and inability to travel overseas.

Quick stats:

  • Did you know an average 21,000 new RVs manufactured each year?
  • An estimated 90% of locally manufactured RV product comes out of Victoria.
  • The caravan and camping industry contributes approximately $23 billion to the Australian economy across tourism, retail and manufacturing sectors.

Benefits of Vertical Storage Systems for the RV industry

  • Storing small components within a central location, means you can locate stock quickly and easily.
  • The pick-to-light function ensures high picking efficiency.
  • Organisation of stock for production is streamlined.
  • Parts out-of-stock is avoided.
  • Security features reduces stock loss and breakage.​
  • Store heavy parts (up to 750kg per carrier).

“Our clients whom have implemented Automated Storage, enjoy big benefits in the form of faster stock retrieval and replenishment and easier stock handling. They tell us that after they have implemented such solutions they do not want to go back, as it helps them to simplify their whole material flow. Some of our clients use vertical storage for production components (e.g. kitting process), spare parts or the storage and despatch of finished goods. Automated Storage is helpful for many different material handling processes and especially for RV manufacturers who have a large number of small components and cannot afford parts to be out-of-stock.” Frederik Troester, National Business Manager, Storage. Connect with Frederik.

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