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How CNC Shops are using Waterjet Technology and Why

How CNC Shops are using Waterjet Technology and Why

How CNC Shops are using Waterjet Technology and Why

Robinson Helicopter Company

In 1973, Robinson Helicopter Company was founded. For decades, Robinson Helicopter Company produced their R22 and R44 helicopters through traditional machining processes. As production demand increased, they purchased their first abrasive waterjet, an OMAX 55100 to cut sheet metal.“Our abrasive waterjets have really helped us expand production yet minimize out-sourcing” says Paul Johnson. Read more about Robinson Helicopter Company.

Waterjet West Inc use of Waterjets for Precision Edges

Recently, Waterjet West Inc. upgraded their shop to add a third abrasive waterjet system to keep up with increased product demand. A waterjet-only job shop in San Diego’s North County, they create customised parts for diverse industries such as aerospace, medical, architectural, and energy. Waterjet West enjoy the high versatility offered by waterjet machining, they also find other benefits such as  just-in-time manufacturing, reverse engineering solutions, and overall quick turnaround cutting services key to their success. Scott Cormany, Owner of Waterjet West Inc comments, “The 60120 is capable of cutting 5’ x 10’ sheets with ease, and the Tilt-A-Jet automatically adjusts to eliminate taper from the parts, resulting in precision edges that often require no secondary finishing. With faster cutting and shorter production cycles, they are able to better meet the shorter deadlines of their clients”.Read more on Waterjet West Inc.

How Jack McGrail Combines EDM and Waterjet Machining

Abrasive waterjet cutting and wire EDM work are the specialties of Jack’s Machine. McGrail noted that what motivated him to venture into abrasive waterjet cutting was the fact that a large portion of the shop’s wire EDM work could be processed much faster using abrasive waterjet cutting. As a result, the shop continues to process additional parts on its OMAX abrasive waterjet cutting systems and takes on more high-production jobs. With its OMAX abrasive waterjet equipment, Jack’s Machine easily and consistently holds overall part sizes to +/-0.003” and cuts extremely square edges with surface finishes as smooth as 64 Ra. Plus, the shop does a lot of medical instrument parts, and abrasive waterjet cutting them eliminates the occurrence of heat-affected zones and edge stress typically associated with conventional machining methods, both of which can compromise part integrity. Read more.

Thinking of Adding Waterjet Technology to your CNC Shop?


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