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High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Machine from OMAX


Waterjet cutting is a growing machining method, due to its ability to cut almost any material, and also the cost-effective process practiced  – all the while maintaining highly precise, quality cuts.

A high pressure Waterjet cutting machines from OMAX does not suffer from heat-affected zones that may cause mechanical stresses. Thanks to its rapid set-up time (with no requirement for tool changing), using the Waterjet cutting method gives your business new efficiencies and fresh market opportunities from industries yet to be discovered.

Why consider a high pressure Waterjet cutting machine for your workshop?  

By investing in a high pressure Waterjet cutting machine like the Maxiem 1530, your business will see considerable benefits from:

  • Flexible and versatile machining – OMAX machines can cut through almost any material via a high pressure, high speed erosion process.
  • Easy operation through OMAX’s intuitive software IntelliMAX,  with ‘compute first, move later’ patented technology. By calculating the exact machine movements, any operator on your floor can cut parts perfectly every time.


OMAX Maxiem 1530 Data Sheet

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