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Headland’s Sheet Metal Application Consultancy Services

Headland’s Sheet Metal Application Consultancy Services

Headland’s Consultancy Services could be just what your factory needs

In our Application Consultancy Services our application team works with you to analyse your entire production. This could be right from when the order is placed online through your ERP through to despatch.

The Consulting Phase

During the consulting phase we use a variety of different methods, these include;

  • Swimlane analysis.
  • Value stream mapping.
  • Spaghetti analysis.
  • Multi-moment studies.

The Planning Phase

Our experts will guide you through the planning phase. Their experience in seeing multiple scenarios with multiple outcomes puts them in an ideal position to recommend enhancements to your production flow. With many enhancements being easy to implement with fast returns.

This process involves putting together a concept of the material and information flow, layout planning for the future and also an implementation plan.

We will be there to project manage the entire phase from start to finish. Support may include; production, component optimisation, develop shop floor management and implement productivity improvements.

Leaders in the Sheet Metal industry are leveraging best practice and using the experts to fast track their factory floor evolution.

Key Benefits of utilising Headland’s Consultancy services;

  • Reduction in indirect processes, both upstream and downstream.
  • Plan more efficiently.
  • Program jobs faster.
  • Process shipping automatically.
  • Increased machine utilisation.
  • Better productivity.
  • Reduced material flow on your shop floor.
  • Less waiting time.
  • Continuous production flow.
  • Having a fully networked facility.
  • Manage tools digitally.
  • Set-up machines automatically.
  • System support with warehouse management.
  • Use the best processing strategy to produce parts with optimised set up.
  • Always having important information at hand.
  • Less paper.

A typical approach we’d take to realise your smart factory vision would be the following steps;


Consultancy packages range from 1-3 days up to 15. You choose what your business needs.

Our Experts

Adrian Albanese

Adrian Albanese

Business Development Manager

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Warrick Theron

Warrick Theron

Territory Sales Manager

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