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Headland Technology’s premium solutions for sheet metal fabrication


Headland Technology enables innovation through excellent advice and world-class technologies. Headland has recently established the Metal Fabrication Business Unit dedicated to supporting metal fabrication businesses with an experienced team and a portfolio tailored to the market’s needs.

Headland Technology is a well-established and trusted leader in manufacturing technologies and a leading force in the metal fabrication industry. As a reliable partner in the metal fabrication industry, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of premium brands designed to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. Our dedicated team of engineers, all OEM-certified and extensively trained, ensure that our solutions are installed to the highest standards and that our servicing is responsive, thorough, and efficient. Among the leading brands in our portfolio are OMAX abrasive waterjets, JFY Sheet Metal Machine Tools, SOCO CNC tube Benders, TECOI plate processing machines (Laser, Plasma, and Oxyfuel) and Vernet Behringer profile processing machines. These renowned brands exemplify our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for metal fabrication, setting us apart as a reliable partner for businesses across various industries.

Headland Technology’s Metal Fabrication Divisions leading the way

Headland Technology’s Fabrication Division offerings are at the forefront of innovation. These products serve as one of the foundations of the company’s commitment to excellence in metalworking. We encompass a wide array of advanced technology and machinery, including but not limited to:

OMAX abrasive water jets: Known for their unparalleled cutting accuracy and speed, OMAX abrasive water jets have become synonymous with ease of use, durability, accuracy and performance. OMAX water jet cutting machines can cut anything you choose to process. Bring us your application and we’ll show you how! 

JFY sheet metal machine tools: JFY sheet metal machine tools have earned a reputation for their reliability and efficiency. They offer European quality levels at an attractive price point, all supported by Headland’s class-leading service.

SOCO tube benders: When it comes to tube bending, SOCO is a name that signifies excellence. Headland Technology ensures that its customers have access to the latest SOCO innovations, fostering productivity and precision.

TECOI – Laser, plasma, and oxyfuel machining: TECOI is renowned for its cutting-edge technology in laser, plasma, and oxyfuel processing. No plate processing job is too big to complex for TECOI. Headland Technology’s partnership with TECOI allows metal fabricators to harness the power of these cutting methods.

Vernet Behringer: Vernet Behringer is a leading manufacturer of profile processing machines and systems. Headland Technology’s association with this esteemed brand ensures that clients in steel construction and related sectors benefit from innovative and efficient machinery. Their commitment to innovation and efficiency aligns seamlessly with Headland Technology’s philosophy.

Headland’s innovative solutions for the steel construction sector

In this dynamic and ever-evolving industry, you can trust Headland Technology to be your reliable partner. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of metal fabrication solutions, making us the go-to partner for businesses across various industries in Australia and New Zealand. Whether you’re seeking to optimise your manufacturing processes, increase productivity, or enhance the quality of your products, Headland Technology is here to support your journey towards success.

Are you in the Fabrication Industry and need a solid solution provider?

Headland Technology stands as the go-to solution provider for the Metal Fabrication Industry. Whether it’s precision sheet metal work or custom fabrication projects, we are your trusted partner for servicing excellence. With a team of experts at your service, we are fully equipped and committed to addressing all your fabrication needs. Whether you’re seeking advice, solutions, or consultation within the fabrication sector, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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Tim Stoddard

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Matthew Weaver

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Joe Tippel

Technical Sales Engineer - Fabrication Division

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