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Headland Technology Tube Techday at “One Stop Cutting Shop”

Headland Technology Tube Techday at “One Stop Cutting Shop”

Headland Technology Tube Techday at “One Stop Cutting Shop”

Dive with us into Tube Tech

With the cooperation of One Stop Cutting Shop, Headland Technology organized a one-of-a-kind Tube Techday at their Silverdale facility to view the TruLaser Tube 7000 fibre in operation.

This ergonomic high-speed machine is a prime example of man and machine working in perfect harmony. The machine cuts tubes and profiles under the best working conditions, saving space for every production system. In addition to the high level of ergonomics and user-friendliness, you achieve a high output at a very high level of quality.

The opportunity to have a one-on-one with experts

Headland flew in TRUMPF experts from Singapore and Germany to host the day at One Stop Cutting Shop combined with a presentation covering new machine features, changes to existing configuration and advantages of TRUMPF machine and software.

This was truly the time to network and understand the benefits of such a day. The in-house demonstration on the TruLaser Tube 7000 fibre was the highlight of the day but not to dismiss the additional one on ones with the experts plus the presentations of new features ranging from spatter guard, software updates, storage and automation to adaptive clamping technology were given.

“Spatter Guard” simplifies task of keeping inside surfaces of tubes spatter-free

Our industry experts presented highlights of the year, including the Spatter Guard – a handy option for removing internal spatter caused by the cutting process. For producers of processing lines for dairy equipment, and beverage manufacturers anywhere where the inner tube needs to be free of spatter. Before cutting, the tube is sprayed internally with an anti-spatter liquid by a supported nozzle that extends along the length of the tube. After processing, the spatter can be easily wiped off using a cloth or brush.

Also available this year is the Spatter Protection Device – a lance type with a shield type spatter guard, non-spraying, and enters the tube from the outfeed side of the machine. As well as the Seamline Tube – if customers need to have the weld seam of the tube in a specific position to allow for subsequent bending operations or visual appearance would find it useful to have! The machine scans the tube, detects the position of the weld seam then rotated the tube to the desired position before cutting. And not to forget the Seamline Tube Inner Detect is almost the same as Seamline Tube however the inner end of the tube is scanned by a scanner located at the opposite end of the tube. Particularly useful for stainless steel where the outside of the tube is polished.


Marking of tubes

TRUMPF Software – Dot Matrix Code – dynamic programming of part identification. Laser marking of parts for identification a TRUMPF Software dynamic programming of part identification. With the Dot Matrix Code your parts are quickly and reliably labelled with a code, the code then can access information for e.g the following process steps and as such simplifies the procedures in your process chain. Every part carries its relevant information inseparably wherever it goes. The expensive, time-consuming assignment of parts and accompanying documentation is no longer necessary.

A fully automated journey from the storage system to the cutting head

Tube Store Storage – if you’d like to further automate the loading of tubes into the bundle magazine the Tube Store is a great system! Increase utilization with an extended period of unmanned production and so increase productivity. Tube storage tower which is joined to the bundle magazine of the machine and loads material onto the magazine of the machine. The TRUMPF solution harnesses a combination of three new components: a rack storage system for the tubes, a tilt-and-lift station, and a conveyor unit. All three of these components are digitally connected. When the operator needs more tubes, they can simply send a request to the storage system from the machine. A cassette containing the required materials is then automatically loaded onto the lift inside the storage system and transferred to the tilt-and-lift station. This moves into position next to the machine and unloads the storage cassette containing the tubes onto the conveyor unit. The conveyor then delivers the tubes to the TRUMPF LoadMaster Tube system as required, either individually or in layers. The clamps in the machine pick up tubes from the loading system one by one and automatically move them toward the cutting head, where they are processed.

Adaptive clamping technology in action

Adaptive Clamping System – A product enhancement not a new feature but a unique selling point. The design and shape of the clamping rollers ensure that not only tubes but also profiles are always centrally located and securely clamped. Adaptive clamping technology enables the clamping of U- and L-shaped profiles and flat material. This is also needed for certain profile geometries or for processing, particularly narrow profiles. This means maximum clamping flexibility can be achieved. Your benefits at a glance:

■ Low non-productive times as clamping jaws can be changed swiftly

■ Greater flexibility as open profiles and flat material can be processed

Programming software increases your productivity

Programming Tube Software – has great advantages and allows for innovative design and accurate & easy assembly of cut parts i.e. location tabs, joints, connections, locking hooks and pegs.

The software executes many work steps automatically so that no additional programming effort is required for many finished parts. The intuitive way of working ensures that users quickly get used to the system.

3D design made simple

Programming Tube provides an extremely rapid method of programming tubes in 3D. Once the design process is complete, the software performs the programming process automatically. The software makes life easier for programmers by automatically determining how the laser tube-cutting machine should eject parts and tap threads. Programming Tube creates the NC program from the thread parameters, including the necessary tools and the correct processing sequence. The way of working is intuitive. Instead of typing parameters into a dialogue field, they can now be adjusted directly on the 3D simulated part by simply using the mouse – which is less complicated. Users can also move the approach position of the laser with the help of the mouse. Additional modifications can be incorporated into the 3D simulation of the machining process if necessary.

After very positive feedback back from our attendees Headland Technology will plan additional Tube Techday in the future. If you would like to be Tube Techday host at your factory, feel free to contact marketing@headland.com.au.


TRUMPF laser tube cutting machine brochure

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