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Minimise CNC downtimes with our Spindle health checks


CNC Machining Centers are essential for manufacturing industries as they are responsible for transforming complex designs into products. To ensure performance and profitability, these machines must be properly maintained. One of the most important components of a CNC machining center is its spindle unit, which is subjected to extreme loads and thermal conditions. To minimise downtime and maximise profits, high-production facilities invest in spare spindles and preventive maintenance strategies for these Rotary spindle components. Headland Technology, for example, has invested in vibration meters for its Service team to effectively monitor the health of the CNC spindle. This proactive strategy allows Headland Technology to pre-plan maintenance health checks and give the customer tangible data.

How can the health of your spindle affect your CNC machine? 

The rotary spindle unit of a CNC machine has a profound effect on its reliability, production efficiency, and stability. During machining, the rotary spindle must endure extreme loads and thermal conditions, with cutting forces transmitted through various cutting tools to the spindle bearings. Issues with the rotary spindle are one of the most common causes of machine downtime in the manufacturing industry, CNC Spindle technology and especially CNC Spindle Bearings and have come a long way and thus are essential components, as they support both radial and axial loads and reduce friction. Bearing failures often cause changes in vibration patterns These vibrations can be measured with sensors mounted at the right points of the machine. 

What happens after we checked your CNC spindles health?   

  • Defective CNC spindle to be quickly replaced by the exact spindle unit for your CNC machine. Our OEM’s generally keep stock of a variety of spindles. 
  • Defective parts replaced, thus saving the cost of a whole new rotary spindle which is often the case. 
  • Therefore, it is a great necessity to monitor CNC spindle health and predict bearing faults to prevent costly downtime. Headland Technology can help you to avoid these costs by analysing the health of your CNC spindle early enough. 

Why is periodic spindle maintenance so important?

Condition-based monitoring is a technique used to monitor possible failure conditions of components. Vibration analysis is a reliable technique used for rotary equipment. It is a very versatile technology and can detect deteriorations such as wear, imbalance, misalignment, and fatigue in parts that are under rotational or reciprocating motion.  

How can spindle maintenance help you save money?

  • Headland Technology can help you detect and isolate any issues with your CNC spindle without having to hire an external specialist, which can cost you between $3000 – $4000. 
  • The ability to see bearing deuteration gives you the ability to plan, budget and prepare for these events. 
  • Our team can assess the health of your spindle and would like to help you avoid costly surprises in the long run.  
  • Our condition-based maintenance is the most effective way to ensure maximum performance. 

Do you need to find out if your CNC spindle is still working effectively?

Get in touch with our experienced CNC service team to book your spindle health check and ensure your machinery is running smoothly and avoid costly surprises.


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