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Headland Partners with Stopa Storage Solutions

Headland Partners with Stopa Storage Solutions

The Headland & Stopa Difference

With the rise of Industry 4.0, manufacturing technology is changing at a rapid pace, transforming all stages in the manufacturing process. Storage is one of the areas affected – no longer static and passively occupying space, it now plays a more active role in the manufacturing process thanks to automation.

Headland Machinery have historically offered a range of automated storage solutions for office, factory floor and warehouse functionality but have recognised the need for further niche solutions being made available for customers.

In keeping with this, Headland have announced their partnership with Stopa. Established in 1963, with its headquarters in Achern, Stopa is a leading German manufacturer of storage solutions for sheet metal and long-span goods, as well as automated parking systems in Europe.

stopa lg-b
Stopa’s LG-B storage system, designed for long-span goods

Their storage solutions will be joining Headland’s storage division offerings, alongside renowned storage solutions partner Hanel.

George Yammouni, CEO Headland Machinery, finalised the deal this week with Michael Reichlin, Head of Sales and Marketing for Stopa. On the partnership, George commented:

“For 70 years now we have been working hard to provide businesses all over Australia and New Zealand the very best in terms of innovative technology. With our storage division, we have noticed a need for more specialised storage systems, particularly in the sheet metal sector. Stopa ticks all of the boxes and more, and is the perfect addition to our storage offerings. Now we can ensure that our customers are matched with the perfect product to suit their needs”.

George Yammouni (left) finalising the Stopa partnership with Michael Reichlin (right), Head of Sales and Marketing Stopa

Stopa’s product line ranges from stand-alone applications to integrated automated modules, making it easier to match customers with their perfect product fit. Their unique know-how regarding product quality, process security, process automatisation and software development makes them the nature choice for Headland to partner with. The 1900+ systems installed worldwide in 33 countries is a testament to this expertise.


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Enquiries: Samantha Kloé, Marketing Manager Headland Machinery, 0419 910 263.

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