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NextService Wins YOUR SUITEY Award 2013

NextService Wins YOUR SUITEY Award 2013

Service management software NextService has been awarded International recognition as the winner of the 2013 NetSuite YOUR SUITEY Award for best internal software development at the annual SUITEY Awards, USA.

Headland has invested in developing the right service software system for its customers. “The project has been in development for over six months and the result is a highly customised software service management system that allows Headland to schedule maintenance and breakdown support with increased speed and clarity, ultimately benefiting the customer with greater accuracy and speed of response,” Headland’s Chief Financial Officer and NextService General Manager, Lucas Vear says.

Suitey Awards, Suiteworld May 2013

NetSuite is the leading cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System used by more than 16,000 businesses throughout the world, with the SUITEY awards honouring companies that have improved their efficiency, productivity and business growth while using the NetSuite cloud business management suite.

Nominees for the SUITEY Award, presented during the SuiteWorld event held in San Jose, California from May 13 – 16, were selected from more than 12,000 organisations and subsidiaries that implement NetSuite within their day-to-day business.

Awarded by NetSuite Chairperson and Chief Technology Officer Evan Goldberg, Headland’s Lucas Vear was present to accept the award.

Built within the core functionality of the NetSuite system, which provides the power of reporting on the company’s customer performance levels, NextService was the stand out nominee.

The NextService functionality includes:

  • One Customer View
  • Process automation
  • Drag and drop scheduling board
  • Smartphone Mobile Application
  • End to end parts management
  • Software and Contract Maintenance Management
  • Project (Job) Costing
  • Reporting

The system benefits include:

  • Improved administration productivity and efficiency
  • Improved customer communication, and visibility
  • Ability to capture knowledge base from job records
  • Ability to report on in live time key performance indicators
  • Increased customer service capability due to improved data capture

Given the reception the award, Headland will be selling NextService globally as a partner of NetSuite.

For more information on the NextService Service Management System, call 1300 592 061 or email marketing@headland.com.au