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Case Study

Hänel Vertical Storage: Medical Industry

Hänel Vertical Storage: Medical Industry

Medical Industry Case Study: AdventHealth Hospital in Altamonte, Florida

Hänel recently provided this case study on AdventHealth Hospital in Altamonte, Florida. It talks through how this hospital uses their 5 Hänel Rotomats to save space and also improve speed of goods to the operating room, improved security as all items are barcoded and trackable.

Fast Facts:


Storage systems:5 Hänel Rotomat® storage carousels

Items stored:Sterile OR material and surgical

What are the Hänel Rotomat® systems used for?

They house medical equipment, including screening technologies and surgical instruments in sterile containers to protect them from contamination. These Hänel Rotomats provide access to operating room material on demand, as its location is right next to the operating room and items can be retrieved at an ergonomic height.

How does it save space?

It’s been installed in a shaft having a depth of 20 ft / 6 m with a total height of 26 ft/8 m. So it provides a lot of storage with minimal footprint. The movable shelf racks are no longer needed which means the workable space is so much bigger than previous.

Why are Hänel’s good for Hospitals?

The HänelSoft® storage management software is the operating system. The best thing is, it’s secure, so it’s supported by barcode access control. This means, each employee scans their ID before they use the system, so you can track and trace all transactions.


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