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Hänel Rotomat Vertical Storage – Critical Support for Saving Lives

Hänel Rotomat Vertical Storage – Critical Support for Saving Lives

As we know many of our healthcare professionals and businesses have been under strain. Hänel Rotomat Vertical Storage is helping teams prepare for what’s next.

Unfortunately we may need to deal with a pandemic ongoing. With many of our health care organisations using this time to reflect and prepare for what they would do differently in the future. The time is now to start optimising workplace efficiencies, safety and health.  Many health care companies are incorporating automatic storage retrieval systems into their workplaces to allow them to do their jobs in a smarter way.

The Hänel Rotomat is a system that brings goods to man on a rotational basis. It also stores goods securely so only certain shelves can be accessed, depending on your access code, it also stores items in a heat and dust controlled environment. Manufactured in Germany at a high standard, these lifts can be relied upon for the most challenging environments. With our support team across Australia and New Zealand we are never too far away.

Their compact design saves up to 60%  of the existing floor space and the best thing is it can be accessed from multiple floors saving time moving up and down stairs at an ergonomic height. The ClimateStore system enables the Hänel systems to be used as cold store or storage retrieval systems (Rotomat from -20° to +60°) (lean lift from 0° to +60°). Temperatures can also be recorded and measured. Storage of contamination-sensitive products is also possible.

Live examples of how medical care companies are using Hänel vertical storage systems;

AdventHealth in Florida.

The Hänel Rotomat is used to store surgical instruments in sterile containers to protect them from contamination. The retrieval of these containers takes place ergonomically. The storage system is operated with HänelSoft storage management software and barcoding, to ensure employee IDs can be scanned and access is controlled for transparency and security. Read on.

Protecting surgical instruments in sterile boxes.

The Rotomat is ideal as it can store large surgical boxes and even up to 10kgs can be safely brought to the user efficiently. Use in surgery.

Central sterile supply department and pathology.

Retrieval of surgical instruments and equipment in the central sterilisation room of a hospital. This ensures instruments are always available for retrieval even in emergencies.

Drug storage in pharmacies.

Benefit of this Hänel in this environment is continuous stock updates with short storage and retrieval of items. Continuous exchange of data with the warehouse ensures that items are not kept past their expiry dates. Protection and safety with secure storage of drugs. The Lockomat feature ensures that only the correct items is retrieved at the one time. Read more about its use in pharmacies.

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