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Hanel Rotomat Office Carousels in Action


The Office Storage Solution

Hänel Rotomat Office carousels are the optimum filing system for records management and document storage in your office space.

High costs and reduced productivity are the main challenges faced by today’s office organisations. Tackle these areas and reduce costs and increase productivity through the efficiency that a Hanel Rotomat affords!

Flexible Filing

With the Hänel Rotomat Office carousel, we offer a flexible organization and filing system that adapts optimally to your needs, and uses your office space more effectively and efficiently. Up to 60% more storage capacity – the Hanel Rotomat Office carousel from Hänel makes use of the available room height, so its compact design creates up to 60% more filing capacity.

Efficient Use of Space

This means expensive office space is used more efficiently, and work time is slashed – the Rotomat® office carousel from Hänel brings the required files to the retrieval point in just a few seconds.


The Rotomat also meets ergonomics standards – no more bending, ladder-climbing or walking long distances to search for, or archive records. The required files are brought automatically to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height, thanks to its carousel system – the shelving revolves and rotates, in contrast to traditional static, stacked shelving units.

The Right System

If you want to improve your office organization methods and cut costs, you should first speak with our specialists – together we can work out a tailor-made system concept.

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Watch our video below to get an insight into how the Hanel Rotomat Office storage system can be used to great effect in your office space:


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