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Hanel Lean Lift vertical storage system solves inventory management challenges


Warehouses often face the significant challenge of limited space, which can hinder operational efficiency and impact overall productivity. Addressing this situation requires strategic planning, innovative solutions, and the utilisation of specialised equipment.

Indeed, implementing the right technology for order fulfilment can have a profound impact on various aspects of order management, ultimately leading to improved capacity, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. The order fulfilment process, encompassing tasks such as picking, routing, packing, label printing, shipping, and delivery, plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless customer experience. Fluidra, facing space limitations, recognised the need to optimise its order fulfilment processes. To address this challenge, they consulted Headland Technology to find a customised storage solution for their needs.

More about Fluidra: Fluidra is Australia’s premier manufacturer and supplier of residential and commercial equipment and parts to the swimming pool & spa industry, with 650 employees in Australia, 150 of which work at the Keysborough manufacturing and warehousing facility. With more than 50 years of experience, Fluidra is known for its integrated R&D, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities. As part of a global company with over 5500 employees, operating in over 45 countries, Fluidra Australia is well-positioned to meet the needs of its clients. Fluidra Australia has a network of five distribution centres and eight Fluidra Pro Centres servicing trade customers nationally with a complete range of AstralPool and Zodiac products and parts. More about Fluidra

Challenges of inventory management and storage limitations

We interviewed Jesse Boyer, Victorian Warehouse Manager for Fluidra Australia at Keysborough and asked what challenges Fluidra faced regarding their warehouse operations:

We encountered various challenges, such as inefficient inventory management, limited storage space, and time-consuming manual picking processes, which hindered our operational efficiency and created bottlenecks in our workflow.”

Fluidra now has two Lean Lifts for automated picking and storage, along with a Makino CNC lathe that they also purchased from Headland, enabling them to optimise their warehouse management and enhance their precision machining capabilities.

We asked Jesse what convinced him to invest in the Hanel Lean Lifts?

I was immediately drawn to Hanel’s machine technology offered by Headland due to its compact footprint, which perfectly suited our ideal warehouse layout. Additionally, the efficiency gains and impeccable inventory management capabilities it provided were incredibly enticing, making it an ideal solution for our business needs. The Hänel Lean-Lift ticked all the boxes.”

When asked how their project succeeded using the Hänel Lean-Lifts, Jesse explained:

“Our projects flourished and achieved remarkable success by leveraging the advanced machine technology provided by Headland. The efficient and precise capabilities of the technology significantly improved our productivity, streamlined our processes, and ultimately led to the successful completion of our projects & ongoing use.”

Automated warehouse processes pave the way for operational efficiency

We asked how Headland and the Hänel Lean-Lifts solved Fluidra’s warehouse and storage limitations he replied:

“In addition to addressing our primary needs, the machine technology from Headland offered unexpected bonus benefits, such as enhanced workplace safety through automated processes, improved traceability of spare parts, and the ability to generate comprehensive data insights for informed decision-making, further augmenting our overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.”

We also asked Jesse, what experience he had with Headland, the sales process and service:

“I had a remarkable experience with Headland throughout the entire process, from their seamless sales approach to the flawless installation of the Lean-Lift system. Their exceptional service and unwavering support ensured that any questions or concerns were promptly addressed, making the entire experience truly outstanding.”

Jesse described his overall experience with Headland Technology as follows:

“I had an exceptional experience with Headland and their cutting-edge technology, specifically with their Hänel Lean-Lift products. The Lean-Lift revolutionised our operations, streamlining our inventory management and ensuring quick and efficient retrieval of parts when needed.”

Thank you to Jesse and the entire team at Fluidra. We are excited to hear about their positive experience with Headland and delighted that our Hänel storage systems improved their operations.

Watch the interview here

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