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“Hänel Lean-Lift is a flexible integrated storage system”

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Hänel Lean-Lift – the system to process-optimise production and warehousing


Headland Technology is making B&R Enclosure’s vision of a more efficient material handling system a reality. B&R Enclosure has grown quickly and needed to maximise the use of space in its factory and warehouse. To do this, Headland Technology installed a Hänel Vertical Lean-Lift, one of the most advanced storage and material handling systems available. This cutting-edge system is designed to make material handling faster and more efficient, allowing B&R Enclosure to better meet the needs of its customers. It is set up for the future and ready to take on any challenge.

About B&R Enclosures

B&R Enclosures’ 100% Australian family-owned since 1955 has established a strong reputation for excellence in design and production, becoming Australia’s largest enclosure manufacturer and electrical equipment integration specialist. B&R strongly emphasises quality, innovation, service, and value, which has enabled the company to expand manufacturing and distribution facilities in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, China, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia. With their global presence, B&R is well-positioned to continue providing reliable solutions for its clients for years to come. Their knowledge, precision, and quality have enabled them to successfully complete projects in a wide range of industries, including mining, oil and gas, food and beverage, and telecommunications. Combined with their unrivalled industry and application knowledge, they are in a unique position to meet the needs of their clients. Their business encompasses four divisions: Industrial, Data ICT, Hazardous Areas and Residential Commercial. Each division focuses on the unique needs of different market segments. (B&R Enclosure)


Eric S., Manufacturing Systems Engineer at B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd, gives a unique inside into the challenges they faced and what they were hoping to solve with the Hänel Vertical Lean-Lifts:

“The key problem for some businesses is how to grow efficiently and sustainably. At this instant, B&R Enclosure ran into the challenge of having goods and materials stored on shelving units that could only be reached with a forklift. A fully automated storage solution seemed to be the right choice for B&R Enclosure. With this, they would be able to cut costs and reduce complexity in business and production processes.”

The demands of modern-day intralogistics must be met as businesses look at economy, efficiency, and ecology factor. Intralogistics is the art of optimising, integrating, automating, and managing the logistical flow of information and material goods within the walls of a fulfilment or distribution centre.

Eric added on to say: 

“The key issue that we looked to solve with the Hänel Vertical Lean-Lifts, was that of space. As our business has grown consistently over the past 10 – 15 years, we have done everything we could to maximise how we use space in our factory and warehouse as efficiently as possible. We realised that if we wanted to continue to grow, we needed to find a new way to solve our issue of space. The Hänel Vertical Lean-Lifts were the best idea.

Before installing the Hänel, our goods were stored in multiple shelving units in a racking system, requiring forklift operation to reach anything. The Hänel has been installed in an area where there was under-utilised vertical space. Removing the previous racking systems, both eliminating the forklift requirement and reducing travel distance, provides a safer work environment.”

What parts are stored in the Hänel Vertical Lifts?

“We have found that this system works best for our business when storing small to medium-sized parts and components that are used throughout our ‘raw material to finished product’ manufacturing process. Examples include nuts, bolts and washers, component bags and bus bars for our motor control centre products.”

What made you decide to go for the Hänel system?

Eric went on to explain their research process:

“During our research and due diligence there were several major companies with vertical storage systems we reviewed. We value local support with the ability to form partnerships with our machine suppliers. In the end, we chose Hänel for its reliability, integration with our ERP system and increased safety and security.”  

How was the level of service you received from Headland?

“Throughout the process of research, purchase, and installation, we found the Headland team to be responsive and helpful. The installation team is extremely knowledgeable and very accessible for our questions and troubleshooting our teething issues with solutions. We have had a great level of support from the service team.”


Driving decision-making factors

Headland Technology asked what additional features of the Hänel Lean-lift drove B&R Enclosure towards their buying decision. The answer was clear; the specific integration features of the Lean-lift allowed B&R Enclosure to integrate their existing units into their own system and have them function with their tool. Furthermore, having the opportunity to work with a partner company was also a major factor in their decision to purchase the Lean-lift. All these features combined made the Lean-lift the perfect choice for B&R Enclosure.

Additional bonus of the Hänel Lean-Lift

The Hänel Lean-Lift offered B&R a built-in security feature that turned out to be of great benefit, giving them a great sense of safety. The security capabilities enable certain shelves to be locked and only accessed with a code making it a perfect solution for storing more valuable items. Even though B&R Enclosures didn’t purchase the system with this capability in mind, it provided an unexpected bonus they won’t want to miss.

As a final quote from Eric S.:

“Hänel Lean-Lift is a flexible integrated storage system”

Are you interested in intralogistics and the art of optimising, integrating, automating, and managing the logistical flow for your business?

Headland Technology is committed to providing the best solutions to intralogistics challenges. Intralogistics is the art of optimising, integrating, automating, and managing the logistical flow of information and material goods within the walls of a fulfilment or distribution centre. We specialise in creating warehouse solutions tailored to our customer’s specific needs. Contact our storage specialist to find out more!

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