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Hänel Celebrates the Opening of the Demo Center in Sydney, Australia

Hänel Celebrates the Opening of the  Demo Center in Sydney, Australia

Hänel have recently highlighted the Headland Sydney demo centre in Issue 18 of their magazine “Hänel News”. Headland’s partnership with Hänel spans over 10 years with “nearly the entire Hänel portfolio and several systems can be viewed in the Headland showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney.”

Hänel vertical storage is one of the most popular automated storage solutions saving approximately 80% of space, eliminating wasted valuable floor space. The ergonomic retrieval process, brings the item to reach level and the system also allows you to expand and alter storage capacity at any time.

Alan Barratt, Vertical Storage Manager at Headland Machinery says being acknowledged by Hänel reflects the decade-long relationship the two companies have.

“It’s great to see that Hänel are acknowledging Headland for their efforts,” Alan says.

“Headland and Hänel have been conducting business for a long period of time, so to see that we have been praised for the opening of our demo center is certainly an achievement in itself,” he says.

The Sydney centre will allow people to see how vertical storage works as well as the benefits it has on a business.

“The  demo centre in Sydney will allow people to see the full operational value and efficiency the vertical storage machines create,

“Headland is very fortunate to now have two demo centres, one in Melbourne and now one in Sydney,” he says.

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