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Good Customer Service is Essential in the Demanding Transport Industry

Good Customer Service is Essential in the Demanding Transport Industry

No job is too small for Steven Hood, a technical specialist at Headland

Aerospace is one of the core growing sectors of the Transport industry. Steven Hood, a technical specialist at Headland discusses the support he provides manufacturers within this industry.

For any manufacturer,  it’s important they have the right technology, but in particular for the Aerospace industry having the latest technology that suits their exact requirements is essential. Steven’s job is to assist the customer and provide as much advice as necessary.

“Supporting customers within the Aerospace industry is no different than supporting any other customer. I support my clients either by phone or email and am available 24 hours a day. Having an understanding of the machines and components they manufacture not only benefits them but myself as well. Problem solving is very important as lost time costs money, so knowing where to look and having a good rapport with the customer is a great advantage,” Steven says.

The transport industry is a growing trade especially the aerospace sector, where new manufacturing opportunities are arising. With the growth in employment and work opportunities the need for products to be fast yet effective is critical.

Some of our customers are manufacturing parts for large air force and aerospace companies overseas, so they need the absolute latest in quality cutting technology and precision is key.

“The end product is important as the machine needs to be of high accuracy. It is important that the optimum cutting speeds and feeds as per recommend by cutting tool supplier. To achieve all the above the machine needs to be regularly maintained as loss in production or cutting times reduce the end profit to the company,” Steven says.

As a service specialist, Steven Hood is a vital member of the CNC Machine Tools Team and provides a technical and advisory role to customers.

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