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Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow with Latinka Cubitt of Catten Industries – Pt 2

Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow with Latinka Cubitt of Catten Industries – Pt 2

Our Women in Manufacturing Series with Latinka Cubitt of Catten Industries.

Do you currently have a climate change program in place? Or are you thinking about implementing this in the future?

Although we have an Environmental policy in place we currently do not have CCP in place,  we would definitely consider one for the future.

Can you comment on any environmental initiatives that your company is currently undertaking?

Some of our key initiatives in this space are recycling of packaging with key customers, for example, pallet and recirculation for reuse, cardboard recycling and metal recycling.

What are your thoughts on the role that manufacturing plays and its impact on the environment?

Manufacturing plays a massive role and impact on the environment.  It is one of the biggest users of electricity and biggest polluter of the environment so it’s important we act.

What initiatives manufacturing needs to put in place to achieve net zero by 2050? Can you comment on this? Do you believe the time frame is achievable?

We need a solid plan to replace fossil fuel usage for electricity generation. Solar for all factories should be mandated and supported by government. The timeframe is achievable if we start acting now.

Can you comment on other initiatives the government could introduce to achieve net zero?

There needs to be a solar or renewable power for all factories and industries policy. All vehicles to use renewables policy and phase out all fossil fuel usage with an aggressive timeframe.

Lastly, can you comment on being a female in the manufacturing industry – what are some challenges you’ve faced or overcome?

Regardless of the strength of knowledge, and qualifications that are held by women in the manufacturing industry, i.e. in trade, engineering, design, administration,  many males still prefer to speak to another male when making enquiries.

The list is long and somewhat negative, as there are many challenges that females are currently facing in manufacturing as it has deemed to be primarily MALE DOMINATED environment.  Change is slow, regardless how much everyone wants it to happen.

Having said that, I believe that you need to be true to yourself, when you know your “stuff”, have the passion, determination and have a bit of a laugh, you will succeed every time.

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