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Case Study

GCI Group installs their 9th TRUMPF machine to now provide the most advanced Tube Laser Cutting Services

GCI Group installs their 9th TRUMPF machine to now provide the most advanced Tube  Laser Cutting Services


Samantha Kloe from Headland interviews Cameron Lawn, General Manager of the GCI Group on their recent purchase of their TRUMPF Tube machine.

How long have you been in business?

GC Industry Group have been in business for over 14 years and provide precision sheet metal cutting, bending and fabrication services throughout Australia. The company employs over 80 staff, offering unique skill sets for a variety of services. We offer complete services from start to finish including 3D Modelling, laser cutting, CNC folding, Robotic and manual welding, rolling, thread insertion, general machining, in house powder coating and product assembly.

How is the install going?

The installation is now complete and both ourselves and our clients have already started benefiting from the investment.

When will training commence?

Michael Lynn from Headland and a TRUMPF Engineer have completed the training of our staff and it all went extremely well. It’s important for us to ensure that all staff understand the capability of new technology and also if there are any new safety requirements or processes.

This is your 9th TRUMPF machine! Congratulations! What are your thoughts on TRUMPF and TRUMPF Tube machines?

The TRUMPF Trulaser Tube 7000 is our 9th machine, we are obviously very brand loyal and see these machines as one of the key reasons for our company’s success.

How will this machine change the services you can offer and what will those new services be?

While we had the ability to cut tube and RHS on the flatbed, now with the Tube machine we have increased the capacity and our ability to cut more complex parts with greater efficiency. This has also allowed us to cut new materials such as PFC, angle and flat bar.

In terms of size how have you grown?

We have grown from having three staff in 2002, to 80 in 2016. We employ skilled design engineers, boiler makers, and sheet metal workers as well as our office support staff.

What industries do you service/what is your speciality?

We would describe ourselves as specialists at what we do, however, we can provide value throughout the manufacturing process and across all industries. Our speciality is in improving the quality of our client’s end product and improving their production by delivering our products on time, at a competitive price point.

What are the keys to your company’s success?

Our commitment to the client. When we make a commitment such as a delivery time or quality level, we follow through with this commitment. Our Clients know they can count on us!

How you do remain ahead of the competition?

We believe strongly in investing in new technology to be able to provide the best service to our customers in an efficient time. We have a passionate team at GCI and we strongly believe that the investment in our people has been key to our client’s satisfaction and overall company success.

What would you say GC Industry Group is good at?

We provide a complete solution that is the greatest possible outcome for our clients, ultimately providing a solution that adds value to our client’s business.

What are your thoughts on the industry?

The industry is of course contracting, however, it seems to be remaining steady with the key players providing fast efficient service remaining successful. I think the industry will start to increase again with a higher demand for more specialised and customised products, higher quality and within a shorter time frame. You need the right technology to be able to cater for client needs, I feel we are in a good place to meet their current and changing requirements.

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