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Five Ways You Can Reduce Your Manufacturing Footprint

Five Ways You Can Reduce Your Manufacturing Footprint

Burnt native animals, displaced families, red skies and flames. Our beautiful country is suffering. It’s not easy to absorb the media at the moment. The bushfires across Australia are devastating. With this overwhelming situation, how can manufacturers like you help? The best way you can help is to reduce your impact on the environment. As a manufacturer, what are the steps to achieve environmental sustainability? Start today to reduce your manufacturing footprint.

Below is a list of ways you can make a difference to the environment. Being part of the solution goes a long way. Lower your carbon footprint today by taking action.

Analyse Your Energy and Your Manufacturing Footprint

Find out exactly what your manufacturing footprint is. Which areas of your factory consume the most amount of energy? Check your smart meter statistics and do some thorough research. Once you’ve done your research, you can begin to use less energy. How can you stop wasting energy in certain aspects of your business? How can you become more efficient? Seek to further automate your factory. Select more energy-efficient machinery and technology. Little changes like remembering to turn everything off, not leaving anything on standby will also help.

Be Wise with Water

As a manufacturer, your water consumption during production can be high. Water is important for cooling, cleaning and even when producing your items. Take an inventory of your water consumption. How can you ensure no water is wasted? Also, reuse water as much as possible.

Less Logistics

Ask staff to try carpooling, or a ride-to-work day. Using public transport is also a better option. Moving your stock and supplies involves transport too. What’s the best way to transport your materials? Try to use a local supplier where possible. Organise your deliveries together as well. This means less carbon emissions due to less vehicles on the road.

Remarkable Renewables

Change to renewable energy suppliers as soon as possible. The first step is to contact your energy supplier. Discuss where their energy actually comes from, and select their renewables option. Wind and solar power are some examples of renewable energy. You can also be more proactive and investigate the installation of your own solar energy.

Reducing, Recycling, Reusing

Plastic packaging is a huge burden on our planet and is not at all necessary. Reduce your waste quantity to reduce your manufacturing footprint. Reuse items as much as possible. And of course, recycle. Do you have a recycling procedure at your factory? Make sure all staff are doing the right thing. All departments should be recycling. Big packages from machinery and office paper are equally important. Less packaging is a cost-saver for your business. Recycled and recyclable packaging is wonderful. However, the aim is to lower the amount of waste created in the first place.

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