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Five Reasons Why You Should Update Your Website

Five Reasons Why You Should Update Your Website

 1. You acquire a new domain

Whether you’ve bought a brand new domain, or the one you’ve wanted for years is finally available – these two scenarios are the perfect opportunity for a redesign.

Related to this, if your company has a new product launch, industry event or shiny new award you want to show off, a makeover is the perfect answer.

2. Your current site can only host so many pages

There are a lot of people out there who believe websites and content management systems are the same thing. They’re not.

Static websites resemble brochures. They’re not designed for users to easily update content. On the other hand, CMS’s were specifically made to fit unlimited capacity for all content types – videos, podcasts and text.

For many reasons, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) favours sites with more pages, over ones with very few.

3. Your current site looks old

It’s probably safe to say that the Internet has changed since you launched your ‘new’ website.

If don’t believe this, simply look at the layout of Pinterest and you’ll notice the heavy image-laden sites popping up all around you.

Industry Marke’s Pinterest Pinboard

4. Your current site isn’t mobile friendly

iPhone, Android, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean… No idea what this means? Then your website probably isn’t set up for mobile use.

Embrace mobile completely and invest in a responsive website theme.  Your touchscreen-acclimatised thumbs will thank you for it.

5. You’re suffering performance issues with your current site.

When developing your site, it’s more important to think about what it will look like in 10 years time, rather than what it looks like at the moment.

Think about what your customers and competition will see when they land on your site, and how much clicking around a user has to do before finding the right page.

Now that we have you thinking about it…

If your website has ticked ANY of these points, it’s time to act.  Want to tell your story and market your product better? Get in touch with us today and email info@industrymarke.com.au or 03 9244 3500.

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This article has been referenced from “5 Reasons to Blow Up Your Current Website”, by Phil Simon, January 25 2013.