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Case Study

Evermil is Expanding their Business with the Maxiem 1530 Waterjet


With over 25 years experience in steel fabrication, Evermil is a proud family business that has seen a significant transformation since the installation of their new Maxiem 1530 waterjet.

Chris Beck, Managing director at Evermil and All Source Aluminium Suppliers, says the new waterjet has increased their business and opened up new doors.

“The industries we service has expanded since getting the waterjet,” Chris says.

“We mainly service the sign writing industry,  which makes up most of our business, as well as architectural, and the automotive industry,

“Turnover has increased by a third since introducing the waterjet,” he says.

Investing in current and new technology is essential to compete in competitive manufacturing industries. The Maxiem 1530is an extremely efficient machine that allows for precision cut products to be produced.

The Maxiem 1530 can cut any material quickly and efficiently, maximising profitability. It also comes with a rigid tank design to handle common plate sizes with room to spare.

The Maxiem line was introduced in 2009 and has proven its ability to meet customer demands for cost-efficient, industry-leading waterjet cutting technology.

“The waterjet has opened up new doors for us…we have started to gain new customers and more business since the machine was introduced,” he says

“We have always been a wholesaler but now we are able to process specialised products for our customers,

“The waterjet has certainly doubled our efficiency which has certainly reduced costs,” Chris says.

As Evermil continue to expand their business, this new machine will enable the company to continue producing specialised products for their clients and it will allow them to continue to provide the very best quality.

Headland’s close working relationship with Evermil has seen a seamless installation process for the business and Chris says he couldn’t be happier.

“We have received exceptional service from Headland throughout the sales and installation process and their continued service has been great.”


OMAX Maxiem 1530 Data Sheet

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