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DRA Services:“Trying New Things” with OMAX 60120

DRA Services:“Trying New Things” with OMAX 60120

Arthur and David Foster have certainly seen changes to their business over the last 17 years. With the introduction of new machinery, it’s impressive to see how DRA Services have expanded their business.

“We started out as a father and son team and have been in business for 17 years,” says David Foster, Managing Director of DRA Services.

“The business has grown significantly and we have now up to 20 employees working in the business,” he says

With the recent purchase of the OMAX 60120 Precision Abrasive waterjet from Headland Machinery, David says it has allowed DRA Services to manufacture custom parts for their clients.

“We wanted to further expand the services we offer and this machine gives us capacity to cut larger sheets and eliminates downtime, “ says David.

“We also have an OMAX 55100 which provides us with the ability to increase output,

“The OMAX also compliments the Guillotine and Break Press we have,” he says.

DRA Services offered basic manufacturing for their clients, but as technology has advanced and new products are released, they are able to create specialised products for their customers.


“In the beginning we were a general manufacturer that offered welding and a number of other services, but now we are more of a one stop manufacturing shop, with processes from welding, folding, waterjet cutting, Powder coating and so on,” says David.

“Apart from supplying basic manufacturing to our customers we offer more services assisting and problem-solving for our customers in conjunction to producing prototypes,

“We aren’t scared to try new things or cut different materials,” he says.

DRA Services have seen a significant turnaround since implementing their new OMAX 60120 and because of this machine it has allowed them to produce parts efficiently.

“We experience no downtime during maintenance and we can now cut twice as much as well as have a larger cutting area,” he says.

The 60120 is a robust and reliable system that requires little maintenance and is easy to use. It works rapidly and precisely maximising profitability. It sports a large table, big enough to work with large pieces of sheet metal. And with the addition of the OMAX software, designed for easy usability, parts can be cut at a faster rate with greater precision.

Headland Machinery have assisted DRA Services with the maintenance of their waterjet machines and David said that he couldn’t be happier.

“From sales to installation to service, Headland have been there when we have needed them and have always been efficient,” he says.

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