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Do You Need Assistance?

Do You Need Assistance?

Do You Need Programming Assistance for your TRUMPF Machine?

Headland TRUMPF Application Support
Headland TRUMPF Application Support

Michael, our TRUMPF TruTops expert, can help! He is able to

  • design that tricky part for you – especially when you don’t have the time to get your head around it,
  • quickly unfold 3D parts – thanks to TruTops Unfold,
  • take on your peak workload – when you get busy and need that extra pair of hands,
  • jump in when your programmer is away – to get the work done in time.

Or do you require training for your TRUMPF products?

We’ll get your staff up to speed in no time! We offer

  • Operator, programming and application training for new staff
  • Update / Refresher training for experienced staff on new functions and tips & tricks


Are you looking for application support for your OMAX, Makino, Nakamura-Tome or Hanel machine? Contact us!

For more information call 1300 592 061 or email marketing@headland.com.au