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Deburring processes from Timesavers offer multitude of possibilities for the steel construction industry
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Case Study

Deburring processes from Timesavers offer multitude of possibilities for the steel construction industry


Steel Constructions, based in Geldermalsen, Netherlands, is a leading producer of guardrails and various other traffic facilities. Recognised for its advanced manufacturing processes, the company has consistently maintained high standards to ensure road safety. Products requiring a wet painting or powder coating must meet stringent specifications, including a uniform radius of 2 mm. To address the challenges of precision and efficiency in deburring these critical safety components, Steel Constructions turned to innovative solutions. This case study explores how the implementation of a unique setup involving two Timesavers 42RB grinding machines has transformed their production process, enhancing both quality and productivity.

About Steel Construction: Steel Constructions is a leading Dutch manufacturer specialising in crash barriers, traffic equipment, logistical resources, and scaffolding. The company serves a diverse range of industries, including transportation, construction, logistics, and public infrastructure. With expertise in both standardised and customised steel products, Steel Constructions manages projects from design to on-site delivery for clients across these sectors.

Leveraging in-house production and automated facilities, the company ensures quality, efficiency, and flexibility in meeting varied industry demands. Whether supplying road safety equipment for transportation projects, scaffolding for construction sites, or custom steel components for industrial applications, Steel Constructions caters to orders of all sizes while maintaining competitive pricing and fast delivery. Its commitment to quality and versatility makes it a trusted partner for diverse steel-related needs across multiple industries. More about Steel Construction


Guardrails, though seemingly simple, are vital for road safety, making the quality of these products non-negotiable. Steel Constructions, a major producer of guardrails and other traffic facilities, faced the challenge of meeting varying quality standards while maintaining high productivity. For example, they needed a 2 mm radius on railing parts and on products that would get powder-coated or wet-coated. Another need was to grind and brush rectangular tubes.

The traditional deburring process using angle grinders was labour-intensive and imprecise. Additionally, manual deburring posed health risks to operators due to dust and particles released during the process.


To overcome these challenges, Steel Constructions invested in a specialised in-line setup with two Timesavers 42RB grinding machines and a turnover unit. This arrangement was chosen for its ability to deburr and grind steel to the precise radius required without overheating the material. The Timesavers machines use brushes that gently stroke the steel, reducing wear on rollers and thereby lowering maintenance costs. Timesavers’ machines also feature a magnetic table in addition to a single track, ensuring that steel products of any size or shape remain securely in place throughout the process.

The turnover unit allows for the deburring of large parts or parts needing a surface finish on multiple sides, while smaller materials under 400 by 400 millimetres are transported back with a return table.


Marco Hage, Operations Manager at Steel Constructions, oversaw the implementation of this new setup. The process consists of a deburring machine, a return table, a turnover unit, a second deburring machine and a powerful dust collector. The turnover unit ensures that Hage and his colleagues need to turn a product as little as possible. At most once in the case of steel rectangular tubes that have to be machined on four sides. A huge advantage, when you consider that some parts are up to six meters long, and therefore incredibly heavy.

The setup not only increases productivity but also ensures cleaner and safer working conditions. The Timesavers machines’ dust extraction system significantly reduces the release of dust and particles, improving the work environment for operators.

Ludo Vermeulen, Technician at Steel Construction highlighted the ease of operating the Timesavers line, emphasising the user-friendly touch panel and the ability to save and recall programmes for different products. This feature streamlines the process, allowing operators to quickly resume production with consistent settings.

Maintenance has also been minimal, with Vermeulen noting only a rare instance where a sensor required realignment. Overall, the Timesavers machines have proven reliable and efficient, aligning with Steel Constructions’ goals of high-quality production and operational excellence. This investment underscores their commitment to innovation and quality in the manufacturing of essential traffic facilities.

Do you need to adhere to stringent steel construction standards and seek a better and safer method for deburring?

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