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Customers Discover the TruMatic 6000 at INTECH 2013

Customers Discover the TruMatic 6000 at INTECH 2013

Last month, a few of our customers visited TRUMPF Ditzingen, Germany, for a factory tour including the demonstration showroom and training center during INTECH 2013, April 15 -20.

In an industry that demands continual flexibility, only the ones who react quickly and adapt will prosper.

Warrick Theron, NSW Sales Manager  provides a summary of the trips highlights

“Seven customer visits were completed over a few days and that was a key highlight of the trip. Customers commented on the benefits of seeing first-hand how TRUMPF machines automate and provide versatility on a large scale.

“It’s always useful for our customers to see the machines being used in a production and jobbing environment and ask questions direct from the source. Our customers were able discuss with operators their manufacturing strategies and methods, which gave us more insight into their processes and the chance to bring it back home to Australia,” Warrick said.

“The Stopa Storage systems that linked in to all types of machinery such as; combination, punch, bend and laser machines, definitely gave customers insight into the potential of automation.

“Another worthwhile aspect was visiting a plant that had a TruLaser Tube 7000 and TruLaser Tube 5000, highlighting the versatility and flexibility the TRUMPF Tube machines can provide”.

New TruMatic 6000 launched at INTECH 

The TruMatic 6000 features clever and modern punching technology with integrated flattening to produce flat parts without needing extra rework.

World premiere of the TruMatic 6000 at INTECH 2013
World premiere of the TruMatic 6000 at INTECH 2013

Perfectly combined for Punching, Forming, Laser Cutting and Separating, the TruMatic 6000 will guarantee:


  • Scratch free processing through die and laser guard
  • High cutting edge quality through precise laser power control
  • Gentle material handling with the brush covered part removal flap and programmable stripper force
  • Absolute contour freedom

Process Reliability 

  • Reliable sheet handling with the descending die
  • The highest possible share of good parts thanks to the punch monitoring system
  • Reliable part removal through intelligent software functions


  • Longer machine running times using the integrated tool changer
  • Outstanding energy efficiency through the optimised stand by mode of the laser and efficient two circuit hydraulics
  • Simple operation through the touchscreen and ergonomic control panel


  • More forming with fewer tools using tool rotation and larger forming tools
  • Flexible material utilisation through tool rotation and flexible nesting
  • Equipped with up to 3.2 kW of laser power for the whole processing range
The improved TRUMPF TruMatic 6000 launched at INTECH 2013
The improved TRUMPF TruMatic 6000 launched at INTECH 2013

TRUMPF 2D laser machines

Other machines on display during INTECH:

  • TruLaser 1030 fiber
  • TruLaser 3030 fiber: the new machine
  • TruLaser 7040: new control, thin sheet productive package and single cutting head strategy
  • TruLaser 8000: new control, CoolLine and LensLine

For more information, contact:  

For more information call 1300 592 061 or email marketing@headland.com.au