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COVID-19 and the Australian Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing Industry 

COVID-19 and the Australian Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing Industry 

We’re all rallying together to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the Australian community and the world. In this industry snapshot, we’ve reviewed the key definitions, statistics, key players and what they manufacture, and listed the key channels for manufacturers hoping to help meet increased demand. 

 Not surprisingly, one of the biggest industries to be impacted is the medical and surgical equipment manufacturing industry and related industries.  

 About the Industry 

 Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing in Australia is described in a recent IBIS Report from January 2019 1 as, firms that manufacture medical, surgical and dental equipment.

 The key supply chains that are impacted in this industry are highlighted by an excerpt from this report: 

Key Industry Players and comments on the COVID-19 Impact  

  • ResMed Holdings – manufacturers of high technical medical devices (26.2%). A message from their CEO, Mick Farrell states that “ResMed is working with governments, health authorities, hospitals, physicians, and patients worldwide to assess their needs, and to deliver the ventilation therapy that is essential to treat the respiratory complications of COVID-19” read more. 
  • Baxter Healthcare (6.1%). A message from their CEOJoe Almeida on COVID-19, Our medically essential products put us on the front lines of this pandemic, and our employees power our ability to make a difference”. Read more about Baxter Healthcare. 
  • Other (43%) 

Key Industry Statistics as at January 2019 

 It will be interesting to see the impact of COVID-19 on these industry statistics in the following months. Key products and services that make up this industry include; medical and surgical instruments and medical and surgical equipment, supplies and appliances. 



 With COVID-19 What Products are in Demand? 

 Examples of products that could be manufactured to assist in this pandemic include; 

  • valves for ventilators 
  • respirator masks 
  • face shields 
  • isolation gowns 
  • face masks 

Can My Business Manufacture Medical Devices? 

As a result of this pandemic the Therapeutic Goods Administration is receiving an increased number of enquiries from the manufacturing community to help develop medical components or parts for medical devices, including the use of 3D printing. This page lists all the regulatory requirements you are required to meet. More on the medical device inclusion process. 

There is a call for all manufactures that have the skills, technology and know-how to support this industry.  The Advanced Manufacturing Group has a page where companies can register their capabilities to help. Register your manufacturing capabilities. 


What Machine Technology is used in this Industry? 

We provide and support the Makino brand due to the high rigidity of this technology. Typically, our customers who service this industry would use the following equipment;  

  • A61nx – suitable for large precise part production. 
  • D500 – Designed to provide superior sustained dynamic accuracy, ideal for complex mould machining. The Makino Thermal Stabilizer technology isolates the machine from fluctuating shop conditions to maintain superior accuracy. 
  • V33i – A high precision, 5 Axis Vertical Machining Centre ideal for Ideal for blending and matching complicated, multi-plane surfaces (die/mould production). 

1IBIS INDUSTRY REPORT C2412 Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing in Australia, January 2019, www.ibisworld.com.au 

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