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Case Study

Headland Provides Mastip with High Quality, Dependable CNC Machinery

Headland Provides Mastip with High Quality, Dependable CNC Machinery

Mastip produce a vast array of solutions for the global plastics hot runner industry, which is a huge market of $2.6 billion annually. A trusted supplier with a great support network, Mastip services customers across the globe, supplying to over 40 countries.

Mastip’s thermally optimised hot runners and other supporting components ensure that they are providing their customers with the highest quality plastic components and products. They needed an all-round, high precision, efficient and accurate solution for machining workpieces with complex geometries.

Mastip’s investment in a variety of CNC machinery including a Nakamura-Tome Super NTMX along with four Makinos from Headland Machinery favours the functionality that the machines bring to their work; providing high quality surface finishes, accuracy and repeatability. Known for their reliability and excellence in the industry, Mastip sought machines and service to equal this.

“We simply couldn’t continue our high quality componentry production without our highly accurate Nakamura-Tome and Makino machines and local support from Headland”,  says Ben Mollekin, Factory Manager, Mastip.

Headland provide regular preventative maintenance programs with their large support network of 25+ service engineers across Australia and New Zealand, which ensures that machines are kept up and running with as minimal downtime as possible.

Mastip continue to be a reliable producer of plastics for the hot runner industry thanks to their dependable machinery.

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