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Manufacturer of Machinery for the Chocolate Industry Expands Warehouse Capacity with Heavy Duty Vertical Storage Systems


SOLLICH KG has a long history of expertise in developing and manufacturing special machinery for making chocolates and soft candy. They now use two new Hänel Lean-Lifts and two Rotomat industrial heavy duty vertical storage systems. Founded in 1950 by Robert Sollich, it is still a family-owned business today. The third generation manages and employs 330 people. It began with the development of the world’s first vacuum sugar boiling machine. It has expanded over generations, with healthy growth. Their machinery is available worldwide. SOLLICH is well-known as a technology leader. Many innovations that have changed the way candy products are now created. Today the product range includes:

  • Forming
  • Extrusion and cutting systems
  • Total automation of chocolate enrobing lines
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Chocolate tempering machines
  • Moulding systems and much more.

The company exports about 75 per cent of its products. SOLLICH currently has three old Megamat systems in operation, prone to breakdown. Repairing these systems is not workable or affordable. Plus, these systems lack the capacity needed to store all the material for production. Chocotech in Wernigerode has been operating Hänel heavy duty vertical storage systems for several years, with great results. This satisfaction with our systems was the main reason that Sollich turned to Hänel for the current project. The old Megamat systems are on a plinth in the basement. They extend upward through the building floor, almost reaching the ceiling.

The access points are on the ground floor. Two Rotomat 980 systems, with a height of 7,310mm, will replace these lifts. Installing the two Lean-Lift 2860-825 systems will increase storage capacity a great deal. These Lean-Lifts will also be in the basement and will extend through the floor. An opening in the ceiling will allow the systems to extend through the roof. This will provide more storage capacity. The systems will have a height of about 15 meters to the greatest capacity. Hänel systems include optional folding support rails on both sides of the access points. This includes weighing scales. Each Lean-Lift will have two access points. One at the front at basement level, and one at the back on the ground-floor level. Warehouse management functions integrated in the MP 14-S controller suits SOLLICH’s needs. At a later date, installation of the Host-Data version of the controller will take place. This is with an interface to the CATUNO ERP system at Sollich. All the Hänel systems will store parts and machine components needed at the production lines. This includes gears, motors, seals, bearings, standardized DIN parts and hydraulic hoses.

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