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Continual investment in technology helps Accurate Australia become more efficient

Continual investment in technology helps Accurate Australia become more efficient

As Accurate Group approach nearly two decades of trade, we chatted to Owner and Founder Craig Honeyman about his recent investment in technology and machinery.  

As lifestyles change, population is growing and more of us are eating out in cafes and restaurants, the timber industry is booming. With timber as a trendy focal point in many local eateries, Accurate Group is capitalising on this lifestyle trend, with an impressive growth strategy and plans set to expand into New Zealand in early 2019.  

“It’s an exciting time for us, we will be growing from 17 employees to 22 by January next year with an expansion into the New Zealand market” 

Craig highlighted the need for Accurate Group to continually invest in technology to become more efficient and streamline their business processes. Craig and his team are passionate about what they do, and it is this culture that has led them to where they are today. 

“We are relentless on being the best at what we do. This culture flows into everything we do; from the suppliers we work with, to our customers and of course our employees. We continually train our employees, it’s a never-ending process.”  

“We knew we were growing and needed to expand our production, instead of moving to larger, more expensive premises we invested in the Hanel Lean Lift to store our small parts and components. By consolidating our storage space we were able to increase our production in our existing factory. ” 

Accurate Group have streamlined their warehousing with a centralised pick system allowing processes to be automated from the receipt of a sales order. Craig emphasised the need for Accurate to adapt to new technologies available.  

“Long bay shelving with heaps of paper work is a thing of the past”  

In addition to the Hanel, Accurate Group have also invested in new CNC Grinding machinery as part of their automation and technology investment. 

“The service from Headland has been exemplary, and we may be looking into a second Hanel later in 2019. The space saved with the Hanel has allowed us to significantly increase production.”  

About Accurate Group 
Founded in 2001, Accurate Australia focused on support tooling not previously available in Australia. Over the last 17 years, Accurate has continued to grow and remains a privately owned business. Read more about Accurate Group here. 

About Hanel 
Read more about the Hanel Lean Lift here and the benefits of streamlining your warehousing processes.