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Case Study

Case Study – Sheetmetals Limited’s New TRUMPF TruPunch 5000

Case Study – Sheetmetals Limited’s New TRUMPF TruPunch 5000

Sheetmetals Limited, New Zealand, “We’ll be using the TruPunch for improved customer lead times and to ensure a quality end product,” Claden Williams, GM, SML.

Sheetmetals Ltd (SML) was established in the 1930s, then Kerry Dines, Director and Owner of Dines Group of Companies took ownership in 1983.

SML is a fabrication business focused on architectural design, facades, structural steel products, balustrades, handrails and all other building components such as cabinets and including retail and office fit-outs. SML currently employs over 21 people and works with all kinds of sheet metal such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, brass, bronze across multiple industries.

We spoke with Claden Williams, SML’s General Manager about their recent purchase of the TRUMPF turret punch.

The TRUMPF TruPunch 5000

“We’ll be using the TruPunch for improved customer lead times and to ensure a quality end product. We originally wanted to buy a smaller punch, however, with the growth projection of the company we wanted a machine that could grow with us, and would not need to be replaced too quickly,” says Claden.

Claden joined the company over seven years ago, starting off in Project Management and then progressing to the General Manager position, he has heavily focused on streamlining operations, work flows and trying to improve work efficiencies since joining the company.

Why TRUMPF and Headland?

“We chose the TRUMPF product due to the high-quality reputation and output, but also Headland due to Colin Brown (Digital Solutions and Applications Specialist), he’s provided us with great support from the beginning, whether that’s through the installation process, training, technical support, software or automation advice, he’s a great person to work with and easy to get along with.

“We also chose TRUMPF as many of our customers also use this brand of equipment and to get the consistent quality, we needed the same brand. Our team on the floor also requested TRUMPF due to their comfort with the operating systems and software.

“With the new TRUMPF TruPunch, we’ll be able to confidently go after more work in the perforated sheet area for buildings and ceilings, balustrades, facades and other products for the construction and architectural industry.

“Previously, we outsourced the perforated sheet manufacturing, and we wanted to bring this in-house primarily to speed-up timelines and have the ability to provide greater support to our customers.

Business Challenges

“We’re facing similar business challenges to a lot of manufacturers, with  apprenticeship programs having been essentially stopped some years ago, so we are short on new talent. “It’s hard to get the right people that can grow with the company and learn the new technology. When you have the latest equipment, that certainly helps to attract the right people that want to work with that technology”.

The Future

“I’m all about time management, it’s important to me that we as a business set up each job in the most efficient and cost-effective way, where you stop and start each job is important.  I’m expecting to save a lot of set-up time with the new punch in addition to the efficiencies gained through the advanced technology,”says Claden.

We’ll check in with Claden in the coming months with an update on their progress.

Read more about Sheetmetals Limited.


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