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Celebrating 84 Years of BOC

Celebrating 84 Years of BOC

October is about celebrating longevity in business. This includes our long term relationship with our partners. This year, Headland turns 70 years old. Our partner, BOC, turns 84. Learn more about BOC’s interesting history below.

BOC originated in 1935, under the name of Commonwealth Industrial Gases (CIG). Their technical specialists, past and present, contributed to many advances in industry. These contributions included advances in everyday Australian life. With a passion for welding, CIG contributed to many great Australian projects.


In 1937, CIG welders helped bring electricity to Tasmania. This was through their work in the hydroelectric industries. As the war started to kick off and wartime demands increased, CIG established an electrode factory in Sydney. They trained hundreds of welders for defence work. Experts assisted the wartime effort by developing a technique to flash-weld anchor chains. This was for the Royal Australian Navy. Working with the RAAF, they redesigned British made oxygen breathing equipment used early in the war. Welding and hydro-electric expertise assisted development of the Snowy Mountains hydroelectric scheme (1949). 


Moving into the 1950’s and 60’s, CIG once again helped shape Australian history. During the southern hemisphere’s first-ever Olympics, their spray equipment coated the enamel onto the new Olympic pool. And their experts were also on hand supplying medical oxygen to swimmers. During the start of the automotive boom, their experts helped early Holden and Ford Falcon vehicles get on Australian roads.

During this time, their experts also trained NSW Police in cutting techniques for removing people trapped in cars. Not only did our experts open up our roads, they also opened up our “sea roads”. In 1959, technical engineers worked on connecting Tasmania to the mainland. They assisted in the construction of the iconic Princess of Tasmania.


BOC has a long history of achieving and maintaining the highest standards in healthcare. In the 1970’s, they designed and built a portable infant incubator, the Medishield Thormocot. It won the Prince Philip Merit Award for outstanding design.

CIG was the first to manufacture aluminium cylinders. There was strong demand in the medical, specialty gases and small industries markets for these cylinders.

Over the past 25 years BOC has expanded in the market, with CIG and NZIG becoming part of the BOC group in 1990. In 2006, BOC joined Linde plc (formally known as the Linde Group). This included giving Australians global access to top-quality technologies and cutting-edge development. BOC is proud to lead the way in investment for our region’s future. In 2010, they built the first helium plant in the southern hemisphere. They are now looking into alternative fuel technologies, such as LNG and hydrogen.