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Bending & Unfolding Made Easy at New Touch Fabrications

Bending & Unfolding Made Easy at New Touch Fabrications

We speak to Alex Vandenbroeck, Managing Director of New Touch Fabrications on why they haven’t looked back since integrating TruTops Unfold and TruTops Bend software into their production processes. 

Tell us how the new TruTops software has changed the way you work…

It’s changed our business entirely, we have now reduced the need for workshop drawings, we can create parts from the CAD stage with a huge degree of accuracy. And the best thing is we can simulate the part before we even start to manufacture. This saves so much time and money previously spent in refining designs and working with engineers to get it right.

The TRUMPF TruTops Unfold and Bend Software works seamlessly with our TRUMPF Press Brakes and Laser machines.

This is how it works, we take a 3D model, unfold and create a flat pattern, and this is then laser cut on our TRUMPF and then bent using this software.

For example; we take a 3D model to cut out 120 sheet metal components, then a flat pattern is created, this is around 80% faster than with previous software and the resulting accuracy of parts is very precise. The whole process is seamless; I don’t have to physically touch a thing.

The main advantage of the TruTops Unfold software is that the customer doesn’t need to create workshop drawings, which can be a very lengthy process.

The accuracy is outstanding as we can simulate the bending process and ensure all the parts will fit and function before they are even manufactured. We can then work closely with the customer and provide feedback on design to ensure the most efficient use of materials is achieved.

Our core business is in manufacturing high-end components in the food processing, materials handling, medical and agricultural industries. We are working with our customers to make sure quality manufacturing remains on Australian shores and they can continue to export quality products at a competitive rate.

We offer manufacturing services to those customers wanting to produce complex products; we are also flexible in terms of prototype. We have 6-axis TRUMPF press brakes, which are highly flexible and very high-speed machines, so we can bend just about anything, with high repetition accuracy.

TruBend 5050
TruBend 5050 Press Brake at New Touch Fabrications

Our employees are in the top 20% in terms of skillset. We need highly trained and switched on operators to ensure our manufacturing is of high quality. We also provide on-going training so we keep abreast of best way to do things. You have to be focused on continually increasing efficiencies to ensure we can produce high quality products quickly to meet your customers’ deadlines and price points.

We have currently 13 employees that are directly involved in the business. I choose to partner with Headland, as they are a family business and highly focused on long-term support. Headland are more like a partner than a supplier and that’s why we choose to work with them so closely.

– Alex Vandenbroeck, Managing Director of New Touch Fabrications.

Read more about New Touch Fabrications at www.newtouchfab.com.au