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TRUMPF TruLaser L5030 Purchase by Barden Fabrications

TRUMPF TruLaser L5030 Purchase by Barden Fabrications

Headland interviews Brett Stokes, Managing Director of Barden Fabrications, on their recent purchase of the TRUMPF TruLaser L5030.

Brett, what was the main diver for this new machine purchase?

“Barden purchased the TRUMPF TruLaser L5030 with an automated lift master mainly due to the greater efficiencies required by our business. More and more we are finding that our existing equipment cannot keep up with demand. We are getting more new contracts for laser cutting and with tighter deadlines. We needed the confidence to know that we could meet these demands, it offers us greater flexibility, whereas previously, we would have had to put on more staff or do more overtime. We also required a new machine, as the existing laser machine we have is now over 7 years old and just not able to keep up the pace of the work coming in.”

How will the TRUMPF L5030 changed your business?

“It will mean less overtime and reduced labour costs; it also means that we can say yes to more work, as we now have the ability to meet their demands. We are what you would call a one stop shop, we do everything from overflow of fabrication work to contract laser cutting. Having this machine also means that we overcome many problems associated with finding the right skilled people to do that work, this machine just requires set up and then we can let it run over night or during the day.”

What other machines did you consider when looking at the TRUMPF L5030? And why did you choose the TRUMPF L5030?

“I choose TRUMPF machines over the others for what need, mainly due to the support I get from Headland, they have a good coverage of service engineers with the right skills. It’s more about the relationship with Headland; we use them for marketing as well as service and look to them for the knowledge in what the latest technology is to help my business. It’s not just about the machine for us.”

About Barden Fabrications

Barden has over 30 people full and part-time and we mainly do work for other fabricators within the automotive industry, furniture and building and construction industries.

Brett has been in the business for over 20 years, he started off doing manufacturing for his father, the business started out as a roofing production company, producing light gauge sheet metal products.

Barden’s main advantage over their competitors is attracting and keeping skilled people. They focus on incentivising good employees through the intense training program they offer, the program ensures they are developed right from apprentices through to on the job training and formal education. They like to incentivise through paying above the market rate and also offering other benefits and career planning.

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