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Autonomous Machines are the Future

Autonomous Machines are the Future

With the interplay of intelligence assistance systems, adaptive machine functions and TRUMPF’s forward thinking ideas, autonomous machines are available now.

Autonomous machines monitor and regulate the machining process, enabling a smooth production process. The operator is in control the entire time with their time dedicated to managing the process, helping to achieve optimal results.

Machines that operate autonomously are the future. With the TruLaser Center 7030 full service laser machine for example, the future is here. This machine hosts a new active speed control system for adaptive feed control. It has the ability to recognise, prevent and resolve malfunctions without human intervention.

Autonomous and partially autonomous technologies can offer easier production management for your 2D laser processing operation.

The key benefits of autonomous production for your factory;

  • Analysis and regulation of processes.
  • Employees focus on production management rather than machine operation.
  • Intelligent assistance systems such as the touchpoint HMI user interface allows machines be operated more intuitively. Additionally software updates can be installed autonomously.
  • Transparent option allows for information to be sent on-the-go allowing operators to intervene if necessary.
  • Operators have time for other tasks such as logistics or work preparations whilst production runs smoothly and autonomously.
  • Error free night shifts – night shifts can run smoothly with less personnel and minimal monitoring.
  • Plan maintenance and set up – autonomous laser cutting machines can recommend and control maintenance, as well as diagnose setup requirements.
  • Easy ordering of consumables.
  • Active Speed Control’s sensor system allows the machine to work as quickly as possible with Often speeds achieved that are significantly higher than the default values contained in the cutting data.
  • Automatic post production – in the future, machines will be have restart strategies enabled following malfunctions.
Milestones on the path to autonomous laser cutting: Active Speed Control Systems for adaptive feed control

While autonomous machining is the future, machine functions which control processes independently is continually increasing.

Read more about 2D laser cutting and what’s already possible and join the autonomous future.