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Piet Talks Automation Storage with the STOPA LG-E and STOPA ECO

Piet Talks Automation Storage with the STOPA LG-E and STOPA ECO

Automation Storage with the STOPA LG-E and STOPA ECO

Operating a manufacturing industry requires practices that maximise both time and space, hence the importance of automation in production and storage. The STOPA LG-E and the STOPA ECO offer unique automated storage solutions for the manufacturing industry. However, knowing which model is best suited for which situation remains a challenge that industry planners have to contend with.

In this article, you will learn about the features of the STOPA LG-E and the STOPA ECO for the sheet metal industry as well as the suitability of each model for different situations.

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This model is the latest of the STOPA’s array that provides modular feature for long span goods storage. It has a storage size of 6.500 x 840mm with an effective payload per storage location of 1.500 & 3.000kg and a maximum total height of 8m.

The STOPA LG-E has inherent capacity to add modules to your storage as you require it. Its modular capacity permits a range of standard loading heights including different maximum number of storage locations for the single and double towers.

As an optional extra, software is available that integrates with your ERP to help standardise and streamline distribution and storage processes. The control uses the dead-man, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode while the ERP link is in conjunction with an optional LVS. In terms of speed, the maximum lifting and pulling speeds are 16m/min and 12 m/min respectively. With the STOPA LG-E, you are set up for immediate success and instant result from the first day.

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The STOPA ECO is a sheet metal storage tower that provides economical entry into automated sheet metal storage. It comes with modular option that allows high level flexibility for additional modules as your company grows in capacity.

The STOPA ECO particularly comes with 2 advantages as it saves time and space. For instance, unlike the much time it takes employees to locate the material for a particular job, it takes less time with the automated machine. The forklift driver goes through the racking, moves other pallets, re-stacks, and then transports the material sheet over to the machine. All in limited time with precision and efficiency.

The STOPA ECO also minimises space. The shelves have a fixed height, which allows them to automatically adjust to suit the material stored within each shelf. With this, every inch of the vertical storage system is minimised.

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The STOPA LG-E is suitable for manufacturers seeking to get started in automated storage but may not be sure of capacities of storage required, especially for future.

Incorporating the STOPA Tower ECO is ideal for sheet metal manufacturers who are analysing cost and space of traditional racking. This is particularly suitable for companies seeking to have their storage and retrieval system grow with their business.


STOPA Tower EcoPlus Series Brochure

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STOPA LG-E Shelving System Brochure

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From the get go, the entry level storage system will enable you to achieve automated and a highly flexible storage solution from day one.

STOPA Tower Eco Plus

STOPA Tower Eco Plus

This tower is a low-cost way to get started in sheet metal storage. Add modules at any time as your capacity grows.

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