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Ideal Storage Solution: Automated Stacking Cranes

Ideal Storage Solution: Automated Stacking Cranes

Scheffer Automated Stacking Cranes

Different material handling equipment provide various benefits and disadvantages depending on the application. Forklift trucks are often used for moving materials on the floor. Yet they pose occupational wellbeing and safety issues. The very flexible Scheffer automated stacking cranes are the solution.

Experience the benefits of forklift trucks and bridge cranes with Scheffer stacking cranes. You can move materials above the floor! Move materials above any loads that are already on the floor and lift them over obstacles.

The 360-degree swivel range means you do not need a lot of movement space to use the Scheffer system. You can space your storage areas very close together.

These cranes provide a clear view of the load you are transporting. To ensure health and safety, you can operate the remote control from a distance.

Use the rigid load telescope for very precise positioning and quick travel. Automated stacking cranes are available, for added efficiency. You can use automation in high-bay storage.

Scheffer is superior to forklift trucks, especially for steel trades and galvanising plants. This includes loading and unloading HGVs, loading stations or lifting and lowering stations.

Scheffer Case Study | Coatinc

Coatinc is a hot-dip galvanising plant in Groningen (the Netherlands). Scheffer’s consulting and support was about automatic transport equipment and encapsulated pre-treatment. Scheffer organised an automated galvanisation plant with kettle dimensions of 9.5 m x 1.7 m x 3.0 m. In a two-shift operation, you can galvanise up to 20,000 tons of material every year.

Scheffer supplied total transport machinery:

  • Two manual stacking cranes with a 5-tonne load-carrying ability and a span of about 12 metres.
  • Two regular cranes with a 24-metre span approximately.


  • Six lifting and lowering stations.
  • Motionless accumulators including chain conveyors.
  • An automatic distribution crane with main and auxiliary hoist.
  • Six automatic rope hoist drive units (2 x 5 tons): for pre-treatment and zinc line.
  • The entire 230 m long monorail system with 12 turntables.
  • The entire automatic controls with stock organisation and imagery.

This was the first installation of the Scheffer rope hoist dive units. Mounted on the turntables, with a load-carrying capacity of 2 x 5 tonnes. Experience layout flexibility plus all the benefits of rope hoist winches. These include a long lifetime (DIN15020: 3 m, 3,200 full-load operating hours). And lifting speeds of up to 20 m/min on the empty hoist. When needed, very low hoist speeds of only 0.2 m/min, very beneficial for galvanizing. You can discount the adverse polygon effect known from the chain hoist. It creates deterioration of the galvanization quality, especially at high loads.