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ARB: Meet the People Behind the Machines

ARB: Meet the People Behind the Machines

We recently caught up with ARB Production Manager, David Wentworth, to check in with how Headland’s TRUMPF machinery have been treating them.  

ARB is a well-known Australian 4×4 Accessories Manufacturer based out of Kilsyth Victoria, manufacturing products including; suspension, lights, winches, roof racks, fuel tanks and tow bars. Here are a few facts about ARB that you might not be aware of.

While the head office is in Kilsyth, Victoria, ARB also has operations in the United States (distribution and assemblies), Europe (distribution and assemblies), Thailand (manufacturing) the Middle East (distribution and assemblies), and an export network that extends to over 100 countries.


ARB’s Recent Machine Technology Shuffle  

There’s been a bit of shuffling lately on the ARB shop floor. Recently they replaced their TRUMPF TruLaser L3030 with a TRUMPF 3030 Fibre.  

“We purchased this machine in 2001 and ran 3 shifts, 7 days per week for over 15 years, so it had 97,000 hours on it. The machine had certainly done its job and it was time for an upgrade,” said David.

We sold it on and replaced it with a brand new TRUMPF Fiber Laser. It was great to know the TruLaser still had good resale value. We maintained it well and kept up with the preventative maintenance schedules. I think that’s the way to get the most out of your technology. It certainly returns the favour.”  

“The New Fibre is where we manufacture all our steel, mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel products. The increased speed and reliability has certainly made a difference to our production”.  

With our increasing number of TRUMPF machines across the floor, we certainly have greater consistency with our technology which then also makes it easier to maintain.   

Erick Valdez from Headland moving in TRUMPF 3030


When you Join ARB you Won’t Want to Leave  

It’s all about our people! It’s a well-worn statement, but few companies truly deliver on this. ARB does it in spades. Meet some of the technology operators that have been with ARB for over 20 years.

Cliff Williams – Senior Laser Operator

‘I started at the company 27 years ago. I love the challenges of the laser machines, cutting different materials and products. I really enjoy working with the latest laser machines from TRUMPF, our newest machine on the floor is the TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 Fibre.’

Cliff Williams, Senior Laser Operator

Chris Weisse – Team Leader in the Press Brake area at ARB.

“I’ve been with ARB over 23 years. ARB is like a big family, I enjoy working with this great bunch of people and our operators have been with us for a long time, I enjoy getting to know them all and hearing their stories”.   

Chris Weisse – Team Leader in the Press Brake area


Read more about ARB at arb.com.au

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