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AMTIL Guest Speaker Announced for Klugo’s In House Event

AMTIL Guest Speaker Announced for Klugo’s In House Event

Klugo’s pleased to announce Bruno Bello from AMTIL as guest speaker at their in-house event on April 13.

With over 20 years supporting clients within a number of industries, Bruno has the experience and insight to enable businesses to increase revenue, margin and reduce risk.

By attending, you will hear Bruno talk about financial aid available to Australian Businesses and how you can benefit. He will also explain the process involved when applying for these government grants and the criteria which makes your business eligible.

Alongside Bruno, you will also hear from Bridget Bray, Business Manager at Klugo. With close to 10 years experience helping businesses achieve their goals with new systems that mitigate business risk, she will open your mind to the types of technology investments available which will enable you to thrive in challenging markets.

Bridget works with businesses to help them realise their potential to succeed, innovate and grow. On the day, she will provide an overview and demonstration of a leading solution, as well as discussing common business pain points and how to combat them.

If you would like to attend the in-house event, please click here to register.