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Allplates are Ready for Greater Success with TRUMPF

Allplates are Ready for Greater Success with TRUMPF

Established in 1998, Allplates was founded by Robert Montesalvo to manufacture sheet components and brackets after many years retailing in the steel framed building industry.

The year 2005 saw the company buy their first TRUMPF Laser machine, changing their business completely and they have not looked back since.

We spoke to Robert, Bobby and Jamie Montesalvo on how they built-up their stable of TRUMPF machines and why the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was actually a positive for their company.

The Allplates Story

Starting out with only one employee, a factory was born when Robert’s children Justin, Bobby, Kristie and Jamie joined. Now with over 50 people in the company, Allplates have enjoyed a 79% growth in the last financial year alone, a testament to their young and dynamic team culture.

Allplates now own multiple TRUMPF machines – however, it all started with a second-hand 3030 Laser, then a TRUMPF Pressbrake was added to the stable, followed by a Punch, a Laser and recently another Press Brake.

“When we purchased our third TRUMPF machine, we found a lot of work that was being produced on the laser, could now be produced on the Punch. With the Laser now freed up, we then started to push contract laser cutting and we saw our business grow substantially,” said Bobby Montesalvo, Director at Allplates.

When they started looking for a fourth TRUMPF machine, Allplates wanted a laser machine that would increase the speed and cut quality of each part. What they needed was next-generation technology from TRUMPF, the TruLaser 5030.

This purchase signalled turn-around times being a problem of the past. They took on new projects with increased turn around times and saw their business continue to grow.

“One of the main reasons we choose TRUMPF for our business is due to their high-quality and output speed and also the support Headland provides here in Queensland,” said Robert Montesalvo, Managing Director of Allplates.

Not all downturns are a bad thing

When the GFC hit in 2008, the Gold Coast was hit hard. From suddenly having plenty of business, Allplates suddenly found no orders were coming in at all, as though the ‘tap was turned off’.

However, unlike other companies, Allplates’ customer service excellence and service quality were key to riding through the downturn.

“Companies that have no substance actually dwindle away during these times, so it’s good for solid companies like us because we found that some customers that went to cheaper manufacturers started coming back to us for the quality and service we provide,” said Jamie Montesalvo, Director at Allplates.

TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 at Allplates
TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 at Allplates

A dynamic culture in and out of the factory

In all successful businesses, customer relationships will make or break the company. “Retention of customers is our main aim. If we make a mistake or don’t make a mistake we focus on fixing the problem.

“We’re really customer service orientated. Queensland is not known for customer service and businesses are generally more relaxed, so if we can deliver with urgency, then we win the business,” Robert also said.

TruPunch 2020
TRUMPF TruPunch 2020 at Allpates

About Allplates

Allplates is a family owned and operated steel manufacturing company, providing high-end metal processing for a wide range of industries.

Working in partnership with other Queensland companies, Allplates has developed strong relationships that have helped their business expand.

Their in-house capabilities include, laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC bending, stamping, roll-forming, welding, spot welding, nut insertion and assembly.

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