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Advantages of Cloud Computing: Why More Manufacturers are Using It

Advantages of Cloud Computing: Why More Manufacturers are Using It

Manufacturers are seeing the advantages of cloud computing to support their business in today’s modern, competitive market. With greater pressure on margins and higher customer expectations many manufacturers are finding they need to completely change the way they do business.

Using NetSuite, a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning Solution, manufacturers benefit by using a single web-based solution that comprehensively manages every function of the business. From finance and accounting, to order management, supply chain management, product control to sales and service support, manufacturers are provided with a 360-degree view of the entire organisation.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is often referred to as “the cloud”. It encompasses the delivery of on-demand computing resources, which can be anything from applications to data centres and services. Using the cloud means that everything is Internet based rather than saved on a hard drive.

Three main advantages of cloud computing are:

Flexibility: users can scale services to fit their needs, customise applications, access services from anywhere with an internet connection and benefit from a secure system.

Efficiency: there is no need to worry about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance. There is no data loss due to networked backups, and costs are saved as there is no need to rely on one in-house IT resource.

Strategic Value: cloud computing provides businesses with a hugely competitive advantage by offering the most innovative technology available. Work is streamlined; timely manual processes are automated which means that workers can focus on other tasks. Using cloud computing is making manufacturers more nimble compared to competitors who spend time and money devoted to resources managing in house IT.

What kind of impact will cloud technology have on my business?

Many companies suffer from using several disparate systems that require lengthy manual processes. By switching to a cloud-based system, manufacturers benefit from a complete end-to-end solution that caters for all aspects of the business.

NetSuite is one system that includes a variety of modules specifically for manufacturers.

These include; engineering, sales and marketing, order management, supply chain management, product control, service and support, financial management, commerce, advanced manufacturing solution, work orders and assemblies and WIP and routing.

Cloud Computing Success Stories

Patriot Campers, Queensland-based trailer manufacturers, are set to implement NetSuite, a cloud-based business management system. The business has undergone significant growth in recent years. Following their success, they needed one complete system to strengthen the core of the business and provide transparency across the company.

Tanya McGaw, Office Manager at Patriot Campers says “it’s going to make such a difference for us. NetSuite will equip us with a 360-degree view of the entire business, providing full transparency. Furthermore, it will hugely increase our business efficiencies because we can streamline our process right from lead generation to making an order to production and then maintaining the customer for life.”

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