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Advantages of Automated Storage Retrieval Systems – What’s the ROI?

Advantages of Automated Storage Retrieval Systems – What’s the ROI?

I’m sure you’ve heard the benefits of Automated Storage Retrieval Systems, do you know the point at which the investment is really worth it?

Automated Storage Retrieval Systems benefit you in the following 6 ways;

  1. Saves you space.  In most cases a minimum of 60%.
  2. Saves you resources – you don’t need as many warehouse staff to pick the items.
  3. You increase your picking and despatch efficiencies.
  4. Reduce picking errors. Eliminating returns or loss of stock.
  5. Significantly improved OHS. Goods are brought to man with no need for forklifts or lifting heavy items.
  6. Security and stock holding improvements. Each item is scanned and traced. Lifts can be locked and protected from theft.


More specifically, the Hänel Multipick System benefits your Automated Storage Retrieval in the following ways:

  1. It batches all orders coming from the customers ERP.
  2. Then you picked the batched SKU from the Haenel.
  3. You turn around to the Mulitpick Bench (MHD refers to this as a Put Wall), and the LED indicators show you how many of the picked SKU you need to put into which tote. Each tote is one order.

This all sounds great, so when does your investment pay off and what businesses are best suited to an automated solution?

  • If your business looks like this: retail or wholesaler with a high volume of picking and multiple item picking.
  • If your warehouse consists of: 2-3 pickers.
  • If your warehouse rental costs are high: reduce these costs by half.
  • If your business growth objective is around improving automation, growing into new markets, expanding the volume and complexity of sales.
  • Your investment in one vertical storage machine will pay off within two years. This does not take into account the benefits to your business such as; improved speed of goods to customer, improved satisfaction with reduced costs around returning goods, improvement in time saved on inventory management, stock loses and theft.

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