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Advance Australian Manufacturing

Advance Australian Manufacturing

Headland’s Advanced Manufacturing Division boasts an extensive portfolio of new product lines for forward thinking manufacturing in Australia.

The Range includes:

Mimaki 3D Colour Printers

Mimaki offer a 3D colour printer, with 10 million colours, UV-curable inkjet technology, water soluble support material and a large build area. Highly effective in the industrial product, signage and education market, allowing full colour models to be produced cost effectively. The Mimaki high resolution 3D Colour Printer creates exceptionally beautiful objects with vibrant colours. View 3D colour Printer.



TRUMPF Metal 3D Printers & Laser Welders

The TRUMPF Advanced Manufacturing range consists of both laser metal fusion (LMF) metal 3D printers and laser metal deposition (LMD) laser welders machine technology. The current machine line up from TRUMPF includes; TruPrint 1000TruPrint 3000, and the TruLaser Cell 3000.

VisiConsult Inspection / CT / X-Ray Scanners

VisiConsult is a leading supplier for customised and standard x-ray inspection and Computed Tomography systems. With cutting edge technology and unmatched flexibility, VisiConsult provide premium quality inspection solutions, setting new industry standards. View the range of Inspection, CT & X-Ray scanners.

Voxeljet Investment Casting & Industrial 3D Printers (Sand & Plastic)

Voxeljet is a leading manufacturer of 3D printing systems for industrial applications and is specialised on Powder-Binder-Jetting of plastic and sand. The Voxeljet range includes VX1000, Vx4000, a perfectly adjusted range offering the right solution for different industries based on requirements and size. View the range.

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